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Stanbic Bank Botswana and Bangu collaborate


GABORONE – Stanbic Bank Botswana is excited to launch a collaboration with renowned local artist, Bangu. The collaboration comes as part of the launch of Stanbic Bank Botswana’s services platform, Unayo, which connects businesses and communities to help them grow. In taking the solution to market, the Bank wanted to not simply inject greater excitement about the game-changing platform, but to support and promote truly local talent, especially given the devastating impact the pandemic continues to take on the entertainment industry.

The Stanbic Bank and Bangu collaboration sees a dedicated Unayo song, largely in Kalanga, which strives to showcase and celebrate the richness of culture in Botswana. Unayo, translated, means “you have it” and this is very much the positive energy that the two-time Producer of the Year and YAMA award winner Bangu brings to life.  Debuted in June 2021, the Unayo song is the perfect harmony of the arts, technology, and music, with an energy to it that is truly reflective of today’s Botswana.

Stanbic Bank Head of Marketing, Stephanie Sandridge

Said Stanbic Bank Head of Marketing, Stephanie Sandridge, “Unayo is an inclusive services platform that brings communities a wide range of capabilities to meet their day-to-day transactional needs.  It is a modern and exciting solution, we wanted to bring the requisite energy and excitement to Batswana in our launch, and Bangu certainly brings that to life. He is an incredibly talented artist, and we are excited to not only work with someone so passionate and professional, but to somehow also show support for the entertainment industry and creative arts space. With Unayo, the power is in your hands, and now, with Bangu and the Unayo song, the rhythm is in your every step.”

The Bank is also working with Bangu for future remix releases, which will see even more culture and language fusions in the true spirit of Botswana. With Stanbic Bank, It Can Be, and through such collaborations, Botswana’s growth and the growth of the entertainment space as well as SMEs and informal sectors come together in real possibility. This is how Stanbic Bank continues to work to transform dreams into lasting realities. 

Anyone can sign up for Unayo by dialing short code *200# for free on any mobile network or by downloading the  App from the App Stores.

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