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Nissan’s Daring Africa 2024 Expedition Ventures into Mozambique

Nissan’s ambitious Daring Africa 2024 expedition, featuring five robust Navara pick-ups and an X-Trail SUV, recently arrived in Mozambique’s capital as part of its journey up the continent. The convoy’s visit signifies a celebration of Nissan’s African manufacturing endeavours, particularly highlighting the Navara and the skilled hands behind its creation.

Maciej Klenkiewicz, Nissan’s Managing Director for South Africa and Independent Markets Africa, emphasised the expedition’s purpose: “This journey connects our pick-up manufacturing hub in South Africa with our Passenger Vehicle assembly plant in Cairo, while showcasing our extensive partner network along the route.”

Welcoming the convoy at the Maputo showroom, Nissan Mozambique’s Managing Director Ivan Busi expressed excitement about the initiative, stating, “Nissan is a beloved brand in Mozambique, and the Navara holds a special place due to its versatility, ruggedness, and comfort.”

The next leg of the expedition involves a coastal drive to Chidenguele and Inhassoro, where selected media and Nissan’s fleet clients will experience the Navara’s capabilities in diverse terrains. This will be followed by a fireside chat with local executives to discuss Nissan’s presence and impact in Africa.

“Daring Africa serves as a fantastic showcase of Nissan Mozambique,” Busi remarked. “Not only do we offer the full range of Nissan vehicles, including the Navara, but we also provide extensive support through our network of branches and dealerships across the country.”

Starting its journey from Rosslyn, Nissan Africa’s Navara manufacturing hub, on March 26, the expedition will traverse eight countries before reaching its final destination in Cairo. The route includes stops in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya, with the aim of expanding the Navara’s footprint across existing and new markets in North Africa.

“This initiative is pivotal for us,” Klenkiewicz emphasised. “It allows us to showcase the Navara’s capabilities in established markets and introduce it to new ones in North Africa. Daring Africa embodies Nissan’s enduring legacy in the pick-up segment and our commitment to expanding across the continent.”

In recent years, Nissan Africa successfully introduced the Navara to new markets in Algeria and Libya, with plans to launch in Egypt later this year, further solidifying its presence and impact in Africa’s automotive landscape.