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Children in the Wilderness Annual Eco-Camps back in full swing

Each year, Children in the Wilderness (CITW) hosts its captivating Eco-Camps, an immersive experience designed to educate and inspire young minds about conservation and the environment. Spearheading their Impact strategy, these camps are more than just educational initiatives; they foster a deep-rooted ethos for preserving our natural world.

Led by Vince Shacks, Wilderness Group Impact Manager, the Eco-Camps are a cornerstone of CITW’s holistic programme. As Vince notes, the camps provide a unique blend of fun and learning, closing down wilderness camps or partnering with local properties to create an environment where children can thrive.

The 2023/24 Eco-Camps unfolded in breath-taking locales: from the stunning landscapes of southern Namibia’s Hardap Region to Botswana’s legendary Chobe area and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Highlights abound, with Miss Teen Namibia joining campers, conservation parades in Rwanda, thrilling light aircraft flights in Botswana, and Zambezi children becoming certified Pangolin Africa “guardians.”

Lindy Nieuwenhuizen, CITW Group Coordinator, shares the transformative journey children undergo at these camps. Shyness gives way to confidence, and uncertainty transforms into inspired dreams, all against the backdrop of Wilderness’ diverse landscapes.

Beyond the Eco-Camps, CITW champions Eco-Clubs, scholarships, and the Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) Programme. Graduates of the YES Programme have gone on to carve careers as field rangers, tourist guides, pilots, chefs, journalists, and teachers, embodying CITW’s commitment to nurturing future conservation leaders.

Segopotso (See) Oja, a Wilderness DumaTau guide and former CITW Botswana camper, reflects on the profound impact Wilderness has had on his life, now sharing Earth’s untamed wonders with guests.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of CITW’s Eco-Camps—a journey of discovery, education, and conservation, enriching young lives and safeguarding wilderness for generations to come.