BITC continues to facilitate domestic investment

The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) says it continues to facilitate and support Government’s efforts to diversify the economy through attraction of investments into different key sectors of the economy. BITC has recently facilitated expansion Irvine’s Botswana, a regional poultry producer based in Mmamashia, which has invested in the agriculture sector value chain. As Botswana seeks to reduce its import bill, food production is one area that Government is actively looking for investments into and the recent expansion of Irvines Botswana operations in Botswana will go a long way towards achieving that. 

Irvine’s Botswana is a BITC accredited company which was established in 2001, with the primary aim of supplying COB500 day old broiler chicks targeting small and large-scale farmers in responding to the gap in the market, the company has set up a hatchery in Francistown in 2002 and later established a breeder farm in 2007, with a total employment level of 119 employees.

The company has expanded its operations in 2021, setting up a Feed Mill and Head Office in Mmamashia. The total investment for the expansion project is about BWP56 million and the project has created an additional 55 jobs. The company continues to contribute significantly to growth and sustainability of the agriculture sector, through various poultry value chain development. Additionally, it has boosted the support services by outsourcing them from the local communities. 

Irvine’s Botswana currently operates a hatchery, a modern broiler breeder farm and the modern feed mill which supplies the poultry sector in Botswana. Irvine’s Botswana’s Feed Mill will be officially launched by His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi on 18th November 2022 in Mmamashia. 

Irvine’s is a regional poultry producer with a rich history and roots in Botswana. Irvine’s operations started in Zimbabwe as early as the 1950’s and their journey in Botswana began in the late 1990’s with Irvine’s supplying broiler day old chicks to Botswana from their operations in Zimbabwe before establishing a local hatchery operation in 2002 in Francistown. Irvine’s Botswana is a joint venture between the Irvine’s group and Amigear holdings. The Irvine’s Group has operations in 6 countries across the region whilst Amigear holdings independently own Richmark Poultry, Notwane Layers and Peak Pullets. 

Irvine’s has over 180 employees in their Botswana operations and indirectly provide employment to thousands more in the broiler poultry industry in Botswana. Irvine’s day-old chicks and feed are distributed throughout the country in 30 branches by their distributors with an additional 50 feed reseller shops ensuring feed is readily available to small scale growers throughout the country. 

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