Orange Money and CEDA Partnership Bridging the Financial Gap with the Introduction of the Bill Payment Solution

Seabelo Pilane Orange Money CEO

■ Orange Money is committed to contributing to the payments landscape through strategic partnerships that help close the financial gap in Botswana

■ Providing innovative solutions that bring Orange Money customers closer to what matters continues to be a priority

Orange Money has collaborated with the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) to introduce a much-needed Bill Payment solution targeting CEDA customers. With the COVID-19 restrictions of social distancing and staying at home, this convenient solution will enable customers to repay their loans through Orange Money from the comfort of their homes, allowing technology and innovation to put the power back into the consumer’s hands.

“We are excited to have partnered with CEDA to drive greater financial inclusion by bringing our financial services closer to Batswana. This partnership allows both Orange Money and CEDA to leverage their strengths to contribute positively to the growth of the informal sector and the finance sector. As Orange Money, we are committed to providing Batswana with seamless solutions that give them peace of mind and thus bring them closer to what matter most to them.” Said Orange Money CEO, Seabelo Pilane

The Bill Payment service offered through Orange Money affords CEDA customers total control, flexibility and freedom when making their CEDA Loan Repayments. To use this solution, one needs to be:

• A registered Orange Money user; and

• An Existing or new CEDA customer.

To make Orange Money payments to CEDA, simply dial *133# and go to Loan Payments, Choose Orange Money and follow the prompts to submit your payment

“At Orange Money we continue to explore new avenues to help bridge the financial gap in Botswana and collaborations such as this one are often the most effective and value-adding. We believe in improving, supporting, and bettering the lives of all Batswana and our partnership with CEDA here is a testament to that. Indeed, Orange Money continues to grow its payment partnerships helping businesses grow through payment enablement,” concluded Pilane.

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