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Standard Chartered Bank Hosts Exclusive Client Appreciation Gin-Tasting Soirée

Standard Chartered Bank recently hosted a lavish client appreciation event at Wagga Gardens, featuring a sophisticated gin-tasting soirée. The event, held to honor the Bank’s esteemed clientele, was an exclusive opportunity to express gratitude for their continued trust and support. 

The Bank curated an impressive showcase of local gin brands, including Gin Lou and Okavango Gin that guests could indulge in, enjoying these unique homegrown flavors and profiles. They also learnt about the history and characteristics of gin as well as the different ways gin could be paired with a variety of garnishes in a Masterclass held by gin c, Michael Hall. Those who wanted to stretch their creativity & craftmanship by learning how to mix gin, attended a mixology session which Mixologist Samuel Lesiapeto. 

“Today was about connecting with our clients and allowing them to do the same with us. It’s important to create time for us all to connect & get to show appreciation in a relaxed environment. We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of our valued clients. We really just wanted to say thank you for trusting us for so many years and we will continue to nurture this relationship by ensuring we give you an excellent client experience”. said Mpho Masupe, Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered Bank. 

Standard Chartered Bank remains committed to strengthening the bonds between the Bank and its esteemed clientele while underscoring the bank’s enduring dedication to client experience & satisfaction.