Skills & Manufacturing: The Key to the rise of Botswana’s fortunes

PPC Botswana
  • PPC Botswana and LEA Reshape Botswana’s economy through training and empowering local enterprises
  • Cement-maker aims to promote manufacturing industry value chains
  • Strengthening the nation’s GDP one Brick at a time


PPC Botswana signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Local Enterprises Authority (LEA) to join forces in training, empowering and equipping local enterprises with competencies to successfully operate their businesses. The company believes that assisting local manufacturing companies has the potential to drastically improve economic sustainability.

“The need for an intervention in the manufacturing sector is crucial given its potential. Local economists note that growth in the manufacturing sector contracted by 14.9% in 2020. As PPC we saw it fit to partner with a reputable institution such as LEA to assist in adequately and efficiently supporting local companies through a thorough curriculum which has been tried and tested and has worked for countless businesses in Botswana.” PPC Botswana Sales Manager Cliff Alfred stated.  

Training modules included Entrepreneurship Development Training, Business Planning, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Records Keeping, the training was facilitated by LEA officials. This will work to fulfil the PPC Botswana’s mandate of promoting entrepreneurship and SMME development.

“We have worked with small and medium-sized enterprises to aid them through the hardships of being a start-up, how to overcome these hardships and how to manage growth among others. Through our Local Enterprise Development Program, we have positively impacted these organizations and hope to continue to contribute positively within the manufacturing sector”. Mr Alfred added.

Beneficiaries from the training comprise of entrepreneurs such as brickmakers and hardware store owners from various villages across the country. Speaking during the training Sethunya Mogwa of Katlego Bricks located in Mmodipane stated that such training programmes are vital for SMMEs as they develop their business mindsets. “Over the past days we have learnt several things that we were not aware of, as a business manager I am now able to work on a financial statement professionally,” said Mogwa. 

The cement manufacturer has created employment for hundreds of Batswana and empowered numerous businesses and local enterprises over the years. The company has advocated for the support of local manufacturers for years and has made it a point to assist several local hardware stores and brick moulding companies. 

“Increased globalization and labour intensity in developing countries can foster great interest within the country in the long run. The manufacturing sector is a huge enabler of sustainability. The failure rate for small businesses in Botswana is estimated at 80 per cent with lack of capital being the major challenge facing the businesses,” Alfred concluded. 

The training will be held throughout the year with entrepreneurs from across the country participating and obtaining knowledge on how to operate their establishments on a professional level.

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