Orange Botswana Makes Donation To 60th School Through The Digital School  Programme

▪ Orange Botswana through the Orange Foundation continues to show its  commitment to closing the digital divide by donating to Moremaoto Primary  School in the Northwest District 

▪ The donation to Moremaoto Primary School is the 60th donation of ICT supplies  from the Orange Foundation through the Digital School Programme 

Orange Botswana is proud to make its 60th donation of ICT equipment to Moremaoto  Primary School in the North-West district. Through its CSR arm, the Orange  Foundation aims to bridge the existing digital divide in remote communities by  championing innovation and investment. 

The ICT equipment donated will be used to assist the learners of Moremoato Primary  school in their studies, giving them access to the opportunities and educational  enrichment available through digital technology. The donation will furthermore help  facilitate the operations of the school, providing a much-needed enhancement to the  existing ICT equipment used by the school.  

“At Orange Botswana, we recognise the importance of education for all  citizens of Botswana, we have aligned all our efforts to promote quality education with  the vision 2036 that emphasises education and skills as a basis for human resource  development. We are determined to play our part as a responsible corporate in  transforming and shaping the future through various initiatives that promote education.  The Digital schools programme is our effort to ensure that children have access to  quality education with the integration of ICTs in learning. The programme addresses  issues of digital inclusion by leveraging technology to improve access to education”, said Orange Botswana’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer,  Lepata Mafa.

The donation made to Moremaoto Primary School included but was not restricted to;

– 50 Tablets 

– 2 Raspberry web servers loaded with content  

– 50 Headphones  

– 1 Projector and 1 Projector screen  

– 1 Laptop  

The Orange Foundation furthermore donated an additional 5 laptops, and 5 printers  to be used in various sectors of the Boteti West Constituency. The laptops and printers  are to be shared with the various empowerment partners, operating as NGOs in the  area. The NGOs currently implementing an array of developmental interventions  throughout the Boteti West Constituency.  

Receiving the donation at a ceremony held at Moremaoto Primary School, His  Honour, Vice-President and Member of Parliament for Boteti West, Slumber  Tsogwane, said,” I would like to thank Orange Botswana and the Orange Foundation  for their generous donation towards the young minds and futures of Boteti-West and  Botswana. I believe that the ICT equipment handed over today will go a long way in  improving the services of Moremaoto Primary School and richly enhance the  educational experience of the school’s learners. Furthermore, I am excited about the  opportunities that will be availed to the learners as they step into a more digitally  inclusive world.” 

Launched in 2018, the Digital School Programme’s mission is to implement and  integrate ICT in education and champion issues of digital inclusion. Orange Digital  Schools Programme prioritizes the implementation and integration of ICT in education  while addressing issues of digital equality and solidify the mission of investing in the  youth, the programme has seen 30,000 students benefiting from deployed schools,  with 509 teachers trained in using digital kits as a mode of teaching. 

Moremaoto Primary School is the 60th school to receive donations as part of this  nationwide initiative. The school continues to perform well in the Primary School  Leaving Examinations (PSLE), and consistently works to ensure children learn vital 

life lessons both inside and outside the classroom. Moremaoto Primary boasts  excellent academics, leadership, sports, and culture.  

The Orange Foundation looks forward to growing the Digital Schools Programme even  further, expanding it beyond secondary education and truly living up to our aim of  providing access to education for all. We strive to provide Batswana across all ages  with innovative and relevant solutions and bring them even closer to better  opportunities, both locally and internationally.

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