Orange Botswana Launches Fa Cup For A 4th Season – Supporting And Developing Football In Botswana.

  • Orange Botswana is committed to growing football in Botswana 
  • Orange Botswana strives to cultivate local football talent, expanding football growth in Botswana

In line with its unwavering commitment to develop and grow the football fraternity in Botswana, Orange Botswana has once again partnered with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to launch the fourth season of the Orange FA Cup on the 26th of January 2023. 

This year, Orange Botswana through the Orange FA Cup has renewed its sponsorship with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) for an additional three seasons, valued at P5.138 million. The renewed collaboration will see an increase in the tournament’s prize money to a whopping P800,000.00. 

“The renewal of this sponsorship agreement with the BFA reaffirms our dedication to fostering the development, growth and promotion of the local game as well as the upliftment of local communities. This collaboration with BFA makes a difference to thousands of people both directly and indirectly. Building from the success of the last contract and our history of partnering football we are delighted to announce an investment increase of 17% to P15.4M over 3 years which equates to just over P5.1M per season. Football is a universal language that unites people, regardless of background, race, and language. Through the Orange FA Cup, we can come together with our customers and engage in something we all love – Football.  As Orange Botswana, we share in the excitement and anticipation of what promises to be an exhilarating new season as witnessed by the 2023/2024 fixtures”, said Orange Botswana Chief Finance Officer, Bishy Butale

The Season fixtures draw are as follows: 

South Fixtures

Matebejana vs VTM

Kang Royal Stallion vs Lokgwabe United

Holy Ghost vs Mochudi Centre Chiefs

Nojane Young Stars vs UB Hawks

Black Rangers vs Mochudi United

Taung Young Strikers vs URI Black Forest

Matebele FC vs Tlokweng United

Broadhurst United vs Naughty Boys

North Fixtures

Sankoyo Bushbucks vs FC Masterpiece

Green Lovers vs Miscellaneous 

Super Stars vs Etsha Morning Star

Chadibe FC vs Mogorosi Daillars

Zowa United vs Peace Makers

Rolling Guys vs Santa Green

Eleven Angels vs Mbalakalungu

Nico United vs Dukwi Sporting Club

“The Orange FA Cup depends on the media to create a sense of excitement and anticipation around the tournament while maximizing impact. Media coverage helps to create an emotional connection between the teams and the fans, you carry the emotions of the game through your meticulous and accurate reporting. Let me encourage you to continue with the commitment and support throughout the next season. Your dedication is commendable, and I implore us to all continue to build upon it because we rely heavily on each other’s backing”, said Yves Famien during his address.

As an exhilarating football tournament that unites football fans across Botswana, the Orange FA Cup aims to close the gap between the local regional division and first-division leagues. Gaborone United emerged victorious as the winners of the 2021/22 season in a thrilling final against Security Systems. This year, 48 local teams will stand a chance to win a P800,000.00 cash prize.

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