MultiChoice Botswana and The Government of Botswana Join Forces To Ignite Botswana’s Local Content Industry

MultiChoice Botswana and The Government of the Republic of Botswana through the Department of Broadcasting Services made history by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the mutual cooperation between the two parties focusing on technical support and content development. The MOU comes at a time where the Government of the Republic of Botswana has amplified its intention to grow the creative industry of Botswana, while simultaneously the MultiChoice Group has fast-tracked its hyperlocal strategy of bringing more local content to viewers across its vast footprint.

The first of its kind for both the MultiChoice Botswana business and the Government of Botswana, the objective of the MOU is to strengthen the bilateral cooperation and collaboration between the Parties and to formalize the transfer of technical expertise in matters pertaining to content development.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Mass Media Complex, the Southern Region Regional Director of MultiChoice Africa Holdings, Jabavu Heshu said “Partnering with the Department of Broadcasting Services is a journey we are elated to be embarking on. We are looking forward to participating in contributing to the development of public policy in this space, because there will be changes made in order to see this intention bear fruit.” Commenting on MultiChoice Botswana’s commitment to playing a significant role in securing the success of this agreement, Heshu went on to state, “Under this agreement we have a duty to send through individuals with requisite skills and eye for talent and to create a talent pipeline that travels far beyond Botswana to create a remarkable value chain in the creative industry.”

With over three decades of experience in providing, developing and growing content and a vision to be Africa’s most loved storyteller, the wealth of expertise and knowledge that sits within the MultiChoice Group is an incomparable force to be reckoned with, and it has the power to unlock multiple doors of growth for the local content industry.

“In more recent times, we have been engaged in processes which have exposed our brand to a wider public domain,” said Oshinka Tsiang, the Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Department of Broadcasting Services, “and it is our hope that the process of signing this Memorandum of Understanding will only enhance what we have been doing so far. We believe that this is a start of a journey that will facilitate the local creative industry in going forward in a remarkable way.”

Meanwhile, the MultiChoice Talent Factory will conduct a Masterclass in the filmmaking space through a rigorous two days theoretical and practical training programme on Sound Engineering. Fully sponsored by MultiChoice, this initiative seeks to equip filmmakers with an enhanced skill in this space which is a significant need in the content production space locally.

The MOU will remain in place between the two parties for the next 2 years with an opportunity for renewal upon the conclusion of the contract.

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