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Mascom 3-for-3 Returns!

Mascom Wireless is pleased to announce the return of its  community outreach programme, Mascom 3-for-3. Aligned  to Mascom’s commitment to Powering Connections that  Inspire Change, the employee-led initiative aims to make a  positive impact on communities across Botswana through  servitude, self-sacrifice, appreciation, and community  building. The event will take place on 10th June 2023 and will  be spearheaded by Mascom employee members nationwide. 

With a mission to foster unity, inspire change, and promote  the spirit of giving back, Mascom 3-for-3 encourages  Mascom employees to actively engage with communities  for 3 hours of their day, creating a strong bond and a shared  sense of purpose. The initiative focuses on four core pillars:  servitude, self-sacrifice, appreciation, and community  building, all aimed at empowering and uplifting those in  need. 

Mascom Wireless has a long-standing and documented  tradition of community engagement, and the return of 3-for 3 reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to  making a positive difference in the lives of people across  Botswana. The initiative’s return demonstrates Mascom’s  recognition of the challenges faced by communities and  the importance of collaborative efforts to address them. On 10th June, Mascom employee members will venture out  across Botswana, organising and participating in various  community activities. The Mascom team will be at the  forefront of driving positive change through volunteering at  local schools and orphanages, renovating community.