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Luanda-Durban now available and Accra go-live November 30th

TAAG Angola Airlines hereby informs all stakeholders that the Luanda/Durban connection via Johannesburg (South Africa) is now available while the go-live for Luanda-Accra (Ghana) operation is scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. After (re)assessing market conditions, adjustments were made to Durban and Accra operations, an essential exercise regarding network optimisation. 

The Luanda/Durban connection is already operational with a stopover in Johannesburg. The Johannesburg/Durban route is ensured by a domestic operator partnering with TAAG. In a second phase, namely the 1st quarter of 2023, Luanda/Durban flights will be direct, operated exclusively by TAAG. 

Please be advised that Durban (South Africa) and Accra (Ghana) are new destinations (TAAG did not operate in those cities before), reflecting the company’s growth and expansion footprint into markets with high demand and international traffic. 

Customers and passengers are welcome to reach the TAAG website, shops, and call centre for additional information. 

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