Increasing employee productivity, The Digital Way!


MultiChoice Botswana embarks on Operation JIKA campaign improving customer education on digital platforms

The focus of digital transformation journeys that most, if not all, organisations have embarked on in recent years has always been placed on the actual technologies being developed, whether it be migrating payment methods from walk-in, face-to-face interactions to remote based interactions or advancing content to online streaming platforms.

The depth and extent of a digital transformation strategy’s success, however, greatly relies on how well a business equips its human capital to seamlessly transform their mindsets as well. “As a business, we are committed to providing convenient solutions to our customers and we’ve been doing this for years through partnerships with local entities that enable us to give our customers access to services through their phones and mobile networks,” says Walter Tauyatswala, Head of Customer Care and Experience. “Having secured the necessary technology to make our customers’ lives easier, we’ve now launched a full-scale adoption campaign which seeks to get our employees fully on-board to ride out the digital wave.”

Operation JIKA campaign was launched at MultiChoice Botswana in September 2021 and seeks to put employees in creative control of how they absorb the different technological advancements MultiChoice has put in place to assist its customers. “At MultiChoice Botswana we encourage our employees to operate under a set of behaviours which guide our ability to give our customers the best experience possible,” adds Walter, “And one of these behaviours is to Operate as Business Owners, and this means making an active investment in everything you do in the same way you would if the business was your very own. So when it came to grabbing the reins on the digital transformation journey, this resulted in our employees taking initiative on creative ways to educate themselves and each other on our digital self-service platforms and over-the-top offerings.”

With a staff complement largely made up of Generation Z-ers, this came easy for the MultiChoice Botswana Team, as employees relied on social media trending platforms such as TikTok to develop content around frequently asked customer questions which have digital solutions using the latest songs and dance trends to create interest.

“It has been proven, both in our organizations and in studies done all over the world, that heightened employee engagement has an incomparable positive impact on productivity and ultimately service delivery,” according to Portia Gotshajwang, Human Resources Manager for MultiChoice Botswana. “We have seen our employees initially struggle through the quick changes they had to make during the COVID-19 pandemic which shifted them to Work-From-Home methods, to eventually exceeding workplace expectations and their engagement at work, and we can confidently attribute this to them being given free creative reign in deciding how we educate ourselves on new products and services and through using methods that align to what they know and what they are about. Digital interventions and employee engagement, in this instance, have fully balanced each other out for the benefit of employees and the business-at-large.”

MultiChoice Botswana currently offers a variety of Self-Service payment and query resolution methods to customers accessing their DStv subscriptions as part of a digital migration project. Customers can also make use of their live streaming platforms, DStv App and Showmax to access a wider range of content at either no additional cost (DStv Premium customers subscribing to Showmax, and all DStv subscribers using the DStv App) or at a reduced cost (DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus customers subscribing to Showmax).

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