INCEPTA Communications Hosts Inaugural Marketing & Advertising Summit Botswana

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Gaborone: On Thursday 21st April 2022, Incepta Communications hosted its first instalment of the ‘Marketing & Advertising Summit’, which was held virtually.

As a local creative communications consultancy that prides itself in marketing and advertising, Incepta Communications is delighted to have hosted the 1.5 hour long event that hopes to ignite interesting and thought-provoking debates about the latest developments, evolutions and trends in the industry. The Summit shared diverse perspectives on different matters that impact the Marketing & Advertising industry at large.

The M&A Summit under the theme ‘Building Powerful Brands’ comprised of 3 main sections:

  • Building purposeful brands- a presentation on purpose and why organisations need to be purposeful, which was done by the Managing Director, Mr. Thabo Majola
  • Building brands: Perspectives from the Continent- a presentation which was done by Mr. Graham Cruishanks, Director of Operations
  • Connecting brands to culture: Why it matters to the bottom line- A panel discussion which comprised of the following panelists: Patrick Rukarwa- Creative Director, Albertina Coles- Head of Digital and Nondwe Ngcongco- PR Manager.

As an Agency with an unhidden love for the youth and young talent, it came as no surprise that the majority of panelists included none other than Incepta trained and Agency-groomed employees in addition to other renowned speakers and subject matter experts.

Incepta Communications’ Managing Director, Thabo Majola shared that the event was all about sharing skills and knowledge on how clients can build and create value for their brands.

Said Thabo Majola, “We often refer to ourselves as the ‘home of experts’ and take deep pride in nurturing young qualified individuals into professional specialists in their area of practice. I’m delighted for us to have finally successfully hosted our inaugural M&A Summit and believe it allowed us  to showcase some of Incepta’s finest experts in the PR, Marketing and Creative sectors. It was a purposeful morning full of new and varied perspectives and I encourage everyone who could not attend to watch the conference on our FB Pages.”

In his presentation at the M&A Summit, Majola shared insights on what he believes makes purposeful brands and what brands need to do to remain relevant and thrive in today’s ever evolving climate. He further explained that knowing your brand’s purpose also allows you to understand how you can adapt to your target audience’s needs as they change and evolve. “A brand’s purpose should be used to define not only these things but everything that your company does moving forward — from marketing to hiring and even go as far as shaping the CSR activities you take part in”, expressed Thabo.

In summary he encouraged all businesses to take a step back and find out their why. “Defining your brand’s purpose gives your brand meaning and authority while showing customers that you are working with them to better their lives and their world,” Majola concluded.

The M&A Summit was sponsored by Mmegi, The Voice Online, Gazette, Remmogo Visuals & Showgroup Botswana.

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