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Gunotsoga Primary School Hosts CITW Botswana & Wilderness Guests

On 9 March 2024, Kelly and Gaba from Children in the Wilderness Botswana (CITW), together with Wilderness Botswana Community Liaison Officer, Sam Kavindama, embarked on a trip to Gunotsoga Primary School to meet the Altmans, a group of eight Wilderness guests. The guests had expressed an interest in visiting the school, and flew into Gunotsoga by helicopter from Wilderness Vumbura Plains, accompanied by Wesley Hartmann from our Botswana Environmental Office.

Gunotsoga Primary School is set in Gunotsoga village, in the Eastern Panhandle of the Okavango Delta, between Eretsha and Seronga villages – and with the latter villages, forms part of the Okavango Community Trust. The school has 266 leaners and 15 teachers.

The guests were welcomed by the children and teachers with songs of joy. Their visit was also graced by the presence of the village chief, Mr Gakegane Sauquo. During the visit, some of the children, who had attended the CITW Botswana year-end camp in late 2023, shared their experience with the guests, and how the camp helped change the way they perceive and now live their lives in the Delta. They also mentioned all their Eco-Club meetings which they attend every Wednesday after school.

The Head Teacher also made an articulate presentation about the school needs, which impressed the guests who enquired about a sustainable project they could assist with.

The guests appreciated the school’s efforts and commitment towards the education of the children. In closing, the Chief gave a vote of thanks, appreciating Wilderness Botswana and CITW for the support they offer to his village and the school. He mentioned that they are now more familiar with cultural diversity thanks to the guests’ visit.

After the chief’s speech, the guests presented gifts of stationery and toys to the teachers and children. After all the presentations, the guests joined the children as they performed a modern dance. The interaction between the children and the guests was heartwarming to watch. The guests, together with school management, then had a school tour, where they visited the school’s cultural house to see the artefacts that are displayed to reinforce the school curriculum.

Kelly, Gaba and Sam would like to express their appreciation to the Ministry of Basic Education for their continuous support of the school activities and events. Special gratitude is also directed to the group of Wilderness guests and Wesley for their impactful visit and contribution to the schools’ needs, which will go a very long way. CITW also appreciates the Gunotsoga Primary School management and the village chief for making this event such a success.