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DJ Izzy gives away the Botswana Youth Awards prize

DJ Izzy

Media professional and creative entrepreneur Tshepang ‘DJ Izzy’ Motsisi has announced that he is giving away all the prize money he received during the recently held 5th annual Botswana Youth Awards.

Motsisi was a nominee in the Best Youth in Creative Arts category alongside other creatives. After walking away with prize money of P3, 000, he has decided to plough it back into the industry. The year 2022 will see the DJ brand grow into an author. He recently penned a book set for release during the first quarter of 2022.

“I have been asking myself how the book cover should look like. Winning this award has inspired me to open up the book cover design to competition”.

Young Batswana creatives who fall within the youth bracket of 18-35 years of age have been challenged to design a book cover to stand a chance to walk away with a minimum of P3, 000. Motsisi is also appealing to corporates to pledge more money, which will all be paid directly to the graphic designer with the best work. The creative arts industry is arguably the hardest hit by COVID-19 and such relief goes a long way.

“Despite the pandemic having affected us greatly, I am proud to still be part of an industry that is one the top contributors of our economy. As you may already be aware, according to the Economic Contribution of Copyright Industries in Botswana report of 2019. The copyright industries contribute 5.46% of Botswana’s GDP”.

The DJ Izzy book cover design competition is open from Monday 10/01/22 at 1200hrs to Monday 24/01/22 at 1200hrs.

For more information email: info@djizzy.co.bw

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