Danielle Swagger Drops Yelele Visuals

Swagger has released her highly anticipated third music video on the 4th of August 2023, taken from her critically acclaimed debut solo album, titled “Are You Ready?” produced at StanRecords and released amidst the Covid crisis in 2021, for which the promotion continues. The visuals will be for “Yelele” which is number two in the album, a catchy Afro hip hop track with an infectious rhythm and empowering lyrics. The culturally diverse music video was directed by Christophe Durand and shot by Colors Island Productions in Reunion Island. “Yelele” is a word of traditional significance used during celebratory occasions to indicate joy and victory. The video opens up with the imagery of the fierce motswana internationally based artist arriving in Reunion Island, as we hear the roar and crash of the ocean waves; dressed in leopard African attire, she is then welcomed by traditional Moringer dancers, who embed the Malaya from the history of slavery within the Island. During this exchange of scenes, Swagger displays the tsutsube traditional dance and she also joins maloya dancers to represent the unity and relation between Africa and the Indian Ocean’s history. From there scenes switch to the darkness of the night, situated at “The Museum le vieux domaine”, which is a historic monument and a reconstitution of old building infrastructures rich of past significance, since the 19th Century, an authentic place where history; traditions, flora and the art of living in Réunion are honor. “ This project is close to my heart because it reflects my growth, encounters and journey in music, 10 years later”, the charismatic rapper adds. It is an epitome of how team work makes the dream work. “A lot of people came on board to assist us in the production of “Yelele” which took over a year to complete, hence a big appreciation to our collaborators and sponsors i.e La Bohême, Avico Boissons, LB Récupération, Raskok Moringer Association, StanBreak, Cheikh Ibrah Fam, Sophie Mazandira and many others. I can only show gratitude for their presence, patience and participation in this iconic project paired with stunning cinematography and thought provoking storytelling”, Swagger concludes. You can watch it on my YouTube Channel, ‘Danielle Swagger Music’ and stay updated on all my social media pages. BW to the world.