Brand new Food and Lifestyle magazine launches!

  • It’s a definitive guide to the PULSE of Botswana and Africa’s colourful culinary and lifestyle culture, punctuated by great moments of friendship and conviviality.

  • The Perfect Serve offers our partners and advertisers alike, targeted and Result-oriented solutions

Gaborone, Botswana, 08 August 2022 – The Perfect Serve Magazine is a definitive guide to the pulse of Botswana and Africa’s colourful and lifestyle culture, punctuated by great moments of friendship and conviviality. The magazine, which launched on August 8, 2022, aims to tell the food journey and stories, curated through exceptional food, celebrations, connections, and friendships which are meant to be savoured to give readers an enjoyable experience.

Being the first of its kind in Botswana, The Perfect Serve is thrilled to be marking the country’s media history by welcoming its diverse readers.

“Our readers are the young and the young at heart between the ages of 21- 50, 55% women and 45% men who enjoy a good time out with friends and love travelling and discovering new places, cuisines and faces,” says The Perfect Serve Editor, Tumi Mokalake.

Giving a detailed brief of the new magazine in the market, Mokalake said, “Originally slated for a strictly print launch, the team, noting the drastic decline in print media, especially during the height of the pandemic, decided to pivot and offer a mainly digital read. Even though the magazine will be mainly available via a digital site, it will have a few print runs to be distributed across major high traffic areas in Gaborone – restaurants, hotels and airport lounges.”

With this digital platform, Mokalake added that The Perfect Serve wishes to position itself as an international brand mainly as an African publication rooted in Botswana.

“Because we also love a good time, content will focus on an extension of moments curated through events, both locally and internationally with amazing partners and our perfect guest features. It’s fair to say that good food and good company is something that people are passionate about, and the aim is to tap into those joyous moments. We want to share and tell stories of our people’s food journey around the world and how they experience the pure love that it brings with their loved ones,” added Mokalake.

The Perfect Serve Founder and Creative Director, Tshepo Ntshole-Hall, said: “Our new magazine is “A showcase of the diverse food and lifestyle culture in Africa. As someone who has curated and attended memorable food events in Botswana and in other parts of the continent, we wanted this to be an ode to foodies and enthusiasts everywhere so they can share in timeless celebration of what’s truly ours. It is all about bringing more of the Botswana and African food and lifestyle magic direct to our customer’s homes at great value. Our recipes are designed to be relevant for everyone, with budget-friendly meal inspiration, the best seasonal spreads and indulgent weekend treats. Combined with hip and happening events and unique food experiences from our readers through reader generated content, we’re excited to be launching our magazine today.”

“As a guide to the absolute best in reviews, trends, events, vibrant venues and locations and all things Lifestyle, The Perfect Serve offers our partners and advertisers alike, targeted and

Result-orientated solutions.”

Here’s to Moments Redefined and a start of a community of food lovers all over our beloved continent and the diaspora.

Meet The Perfect Team: Published By: Old Mill Publishing

Tshepo Ntshole-Hall- Founder/Creative Director

Tumi Mokalake- Partner/ Managing Editor,

Talitah Chekane- Partner/ Content & Visibility Manager

Thatayaone Mahube- Partner/ Sales Manager


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