Bonfire Buffalo release sentimental ballad

Bonfire Buffalo

After a three year hiatus, alternative rock band Bonfire Buffalo are back on the scene with an emotive ballad titled ‘Remember Me’. Pulling at the heartstrings of its listeners, the song still carries with it the quirky and eclectic sound the band are known for.

Bonfire Buffalo decided to release the song as a single saying it is apt for the tough times we are in. Bassist Carl Dedekind explains, “The song, simply put, is about keeping your chin up and holding on during difficult times, which is no doubt apt for the rough year the world has had. Also, the song deals with remembering the legacy of those gone.”

Despite the challenges the world has faced over the last year and those directly affecting the band, Bonfire Buffalo have remained positive and persistent hard workers. This has helped them to build a sustainable career. Their aim is to write music that’s got some meat on the bones and has longevity and ‘Remember Me’ is exactly that.

Asked why it has taken the band so long to release a new single, Carl concludes, “COVID and lockdown has brought things to a grinding halt. On a positive note, we were able to use that time for songwriting and will hopefully start recording our new album soon.”

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Formed in 2016, Bonfire Buffalo are a South African rock band from Witbank. Fronted by the quirky and elegantly charming, Ivy Ann van Rooyen, with brother Ewoud van Rooyen on guitar, and Carl Dedekind on bass, the tightly knit trio are changing the preconceived ideas of what South African music should sound like. Drawing influences from across the globe – ranging from Pink Floyd to Mumford & Sons – the band choose not to be tied down by genre, defining their sound as eclectic and experimental in nature.

In 2016, the outfit released their debut single “Back in School”, which was playlisted on various SA campus and commercial stations, followed by their six-track debut EP of the same name. Produced by Greg Carlin (of Zebra & Giraffe fame), the EP immediately captured the attention of industry bigwigs and was featured on the front page of iTunes.

Despite the various challenges artists face in building a sustainable career, Bonfire Buffalo don’t shy away from hard work, proving that a little determination and effort goes a long way. Their aim is to write music that’s got some meat on the bones. Moreover, they are of the opinion that songwriting must have longevity, surpassing momentary trends.

The band spent the better half of 2017 in studio perfecting their craft and writing new music. In September of that year, they released their second single ‘Good In Another Life’ featuring Shabzi Madallion. The happy upbeat track features some old school influences. The song received mass airplay across the country and charted on the Jacaranda SA Top 20 for several weeks.

That same year, Bonfire Buffalo’s song ‘A Little Sunshine’ received the silver award in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category at the 2017 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). The competition receives more than 16 000 entries from 140 countries. 

Bassist Carl Dedekind adds, “It is a huge compliment for them to consider the song to be one of the winning songs. We ourselves are proud of the song and are warmed that it has received some international acclaim.

Come 2021 and Bonfire Buffalo kickstart the year with a beautiful ballad titled ‘Remember Me’. The track is about keeping your chin up and holding on during difficult times.

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