BIFM Launches an Inspirational Campaign


Gaborone, 10th March 2022– Bifm launched their nation-wide campaign that takes its ‘Dynamic Wealth Management’ brand promise and poses a new tougher challenge: Finding a path to your happily ever after. 

‘‘At Bifm, we believe that there are many ways to achieving one’s happily ever after. Everyone wants to gain financial freedom or financial independence. It starts with aligning one’s purpose with their life. While we all share similar beginnings, the point of difference occurs when we start earning money and how this affects our aspirations in life. At Bifm, we understand this, and we offer more than just investment options; we offer clients a team of experienced Bifm Pathfinders with one goal in mind- Making dreams come true. A Bifm Pathfinder is a seasoned portfolio manager who develops and implements investment strategies for the benefit of our investors and therefore developing solutions which help you meet your investment goals’’, says Bifm CEO, Ms. Neo Bogatsu. 

There are dreams, ambitions, and goals that every single one of us has. It is what we all work hard for. The campaign stems from the insight that, globally, individuals are feeling more inspired and empowered to create positive change in all spheres of their lives and more so within their own financial well-being. The self-empowerment movement happening with people taking control of their lives in different ways is really brought to life in this campaign. 

No matter the size of the project; clients can access our investment expertise through our Unit Trust Funds. Whether it’s a portion of land, a business venture, travelling around the world, or even tuition fees for your kids. The possibilities are endless. 

 What is exciting about the campaign in ‘Finding a path to your happily ever after’ is that it is deeply rooted in the firm’s clients, employees, and history. It is refreshing, compelling and strikes an emotive chord. 

Prospective clients can now apply for a Unit Trust from the comfort of their home or office through Bifm’s digital platform; Bifm Smart Invest. Its quick, secure, and convenient. Visit, for more information. 

It’s time to kickstart your investment journey with Bifm. 

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