Africa’s leading can manufacturer takes a trip down memory lane in nostalgic new advert ‘uTata’

Johannesburg, South Africa – Building on a long, credible identity defined by innovation and progressive living, Africa’s leading beverage can manufacturer, Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!), Nampak Bevcan is excited to expand on its THINK FUTURE sustainability property with a fresh, thought-provoking advert, simply titled: uTATA.

uTATA follows the journey of our cute and impressionable THINK FUTURE protagonist, who we were first introduced to in the inaugural instalment of the series, uMAMA. While her mother’s heart-warming childhood tales highlighted the long-term effects of environmental negligence, this time we are transported on a spirited odyssey of a growing nation, from the 1950s to present day, through her father’s scattered but heart-warming recollection of his South African upbringing.

Simultaneously an homage to the beautiful nation of South Africa and also a to the infinite quality of aluminium cans, the advert will be available stream on CAN DO! TV and YouTube on Friday, 13 August 2021.


To date, Nampak Bevcan’s THINK FUTURE initiative has served as a springboard for numerous multi-faceted innovations in the sustainability arena. These include CAN DO!’s industry-defining CAN CUP (2018); 2020’s national billboard campaign; the virally consumed uMAMA advert; and the launch of trendsetting content portal CAN DO!TV. In 2021, Nampak Bevcan is excited to expand on the THINK FUTURE journey with a fresh, thought-provoking campaign, simply titled: WHAT IS YOUR NATURE?

The approach appeals to the emotions of the consumer by framing one’s decisions in respect to their habits as a reflection of their character, highlighting that the environment we experience outside is a reflection of who we are inside. The jarring imagery, as well as the multi-layered use of the “nature”, aims to confront the individual with themselves, asking: WHICH KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU? Or, WHAT IS YOUR NATURE?

About the campaign direction, Nampak Bevcan Marketing and Sustainability Director Klaus Hass says, “We like to believe that human beings are innately good and ultimately want the best for the each other and our environment. Though the saving the planet is very much a practical task that requires action and organisation, sometimes the self-introspection required to arrive at place of action is difficult to come by. This pensive campaign is a little daily nudge in that direction.”

The WHAT IS YOUR NATURE? campaign has officially launched nationally across a number of platforms – each with its own exciting twist – including, billboards, street polls, social media, CAN DO! TV and a thrilling interactive live activation through which CAN DO! will collaborate with YOU and one of South Africa’s most accomplished creatives.

uTATA Advert (click here)

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