Africa UK Concept Store Pop Up Registration Now Open

We invite independent fashion designers, accessories, shoe brands, bag manufacturers,  homeware, hair and skincare producers as well as the wider creative industry artisans to  register their interest to be part of a week-long pop-up showcase. 

Curated by Africa-UK Concept Store, we host pop-up events in the UK and South Africa bringing our creative community together for the week-long retail experience. Centred around shared values of creating open channels for peer mentorship,  Africa-UK Concept Store is a conduit to identify and facilitate an environment that  allows for synergy between businesses to attract and generate opportunities, but  most importantly to raise awareness on challenges faced by emerging designers and  entrepreneurs in the creative industry. 

As a B2B lifestyle marketplace platform for independent brands from across Africa and  the UK, we have a vested interest to create links that enable trade and collaborations  for the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs offering them the necessary  tools and support to enable them to create sustainable opportunities and ventures. 

We take pride in being one of the few businesses that give local young designers,  artisans and entrepreneurs the opportunity to stock their collections through our  platform. We help new businesses grow and expand by offering them a platform and  support to bring their products closer to customers. 

When you shop at Africa-UK Concept Store you are purchasing quality and luxury  products, made by designers who had you the customer in mind. Sponsorship  opportunities available for corporates looking to partner with us. For more information  contact our brand agency via email: