Wimpy Botswana Brings Back Popular Barista Competition For 5th Year

Wimpy Botswana is thrilled to announce their highly anticipated barista competition  for the fifth year, taking place on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, at Cresta Lodge  Gaborone. This annual event brings together Wimpy’s top baristas from across the  

nation, providing a platform for them to showcase their expertise and unwavering  passion for coffee. 

“By hosting a barista competition, we are actively fostering a culture of continuous  improvement among our baristas. The competitive element serves as a powerful  motivator, encouraging them to dedicate more time and effort to honing their skills  and crafting the best possible coffee experience for our valued guests. This  unwavering dedication will ultimately result in a higher quality of service and an  enhanced level of satisfaction for Batswana,” stated Wimpy Botswana Marketing  Manager, Reginald Abo Kefitlhile. 

The competition will feature ten exceptional baristas and their respective managers,  meticulously selected from all Wimpy branches across Botswana. Each barista will  have a designated 5-minute time frame to prepare and present their signature coffee  creations to a panel of three impartial judges. The baristas who captivate the judges  the most will be crowned the winners and will receive a P2500, P2000 and P1500  cash prize respectively. 

“Wimpy wholeheartedly views the barista competition as a platform to up-skill and  motivate our baristas. We are committed to cultivating an environment where growth  is valued, recognized, and celebrated. The competition serves as an avenue to  identify the top-performing baristas in our stores, allowing them to showcase their  unparalleled skills and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the competition acts as  a reward and recognition tool, motivating our baristas to go above and beyond their  regular duties and provide an exceptional coffee experience that consistently  exceeds expectations. This unwavering dedication not only benefits our stores and  brand but also instils a sense of loyalty and dedication among our baristas,” added  Kefitlhile. 

Wimpy is a quick service, casual dining brand which has welcomed families and  friends to come together for shared moments over meals, spanning over 20 years in  Botswana. The franchise is famous for their all-day breakfast meals, grills, burgers  and recently their premium blend coffee range.