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Wilderness Celebrates Members’ Club Supporters Of Children In The Wilderness Programme

Okavango Wilderness Safaris gathered stakeholders from its exclusive Botswana Members Club programme, to express its heartfelt gratitude for the Members’ ongoing support, and the positive impact they enable.

The Wilderness Member’s Club, inaugurated in 2012 and launched in Botswana in 2017, invites Southern African residents to join the Wilderness community, offering discounted camp rates in exchange for an annual registration fee. The entirety of this fee goes directly to Wilderness’ renowned Children in the Wilderness (CITW) programme – the primary driver of the business’ Educate pillar in its recently launched impact strategy. CITW is dedicated to sustainable conservation through the development of leadership and education for children in Africa.

“With 397 members in Africa, of whom 75 are resident in Botswana, their generosity is a testament to their commitment to CITW’s life-changing efforts. As we mark 40 years of Wilderness, we take a moment to acknowledge this unique group of stakeholders, who provide both direct and indirect support to CITW on a monumental scale. Every renewal by a Member directly adds to CITW’s impact. Through this cherished partnership, over 4,500 students have benefitted from our programmes over the past 10 years. More than 60 trainers have been empowered to educate our young people on the environment so that they protect this environment and be proponents of conservation in their communities”, said Joe Matome, Managing Director of Okavango Wilderness Safaris, and Chairman of the Board of CITW Botswana.

CITW’s work spans diverse initiatives, from its Eco-Club programme at partner schools to annual Eco-Camps hosted at Wilderness and partner camps for children in rural communities bordering wild areas across Africa, including Botswana. To date, CITW has enriched the lives of more than 40,000 children in eight countries. In Botswana, the programme has operated for 22 years, reaching over 2,100 children through annual camps. There are 455 Eco-Club Members in Botswana at present across eight schools in Botswana and with a special partnership with the FNB Foundation at Parakarungu Primary School in the Chobe District. 

Insight, care, and commitment are essential for conserving Africa’s pristine wilderness. “Our Children in the Wilderness programme focuses on the next generation of decision-makers, inspiring them to care for their natural heritage and become custodians of these areas in the future”, Joe notes.

Wilderness, through CITW, extends its commitment to education through initiatives such as a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Okavango Sub-District Council to enhance infrastructure at Eretsha Primary School. This project aims to construct additional classrooms, ablution facilities, and provide water to create a conducive learning environment for over 200 students.

“Tremendous strides have been made by CITW Botswana, with much more to celebrate in the future. For now, we extend our deepest thanks to our Members and all contributors, weaving this beautiful tapestry of partnership for progress. Mabogo dinku a a thebana. Let’s unite for the growth of our community”, concluded Joe. 

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