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Una Rams Set To Ignite Sparks This Valentine’s Day

Singer, songwriter, and producer Una Rams is set to ignite sparks this Valentine’s with “ilikeyou.” With its captivating Afro house beats and soulful lyrics, the track invites listeners into a world of love and connection. Collaborating with production duo London Rhodes and the extraordinary Roctonic SA, Una Rams has crafted a sonic love experience that’s bound to help you achieve your crush.

Why “ilikeyou” Stands Out: Una Rams opens with, “Don’t you want to start a relationship and be the only one I’m dealing with?” The simplicity of his message is complemented by verses that paint vivid pictures of shared moments. He skilfully

blends the R&B we know and love him for with sounds reminiscent of House in the now nostalgic Liquideep era.

The Heart of the Song: The chorus, with its compelling hook – “We could be so in love. Can’t you see I like you?” – echoes the sentiments of love and possibility. Although very simple; the writing captures a love that shows promise of being true and wholesome.

The Unexpected Twist: Una Rams took the song’s evolution to new heights by collaborating with the prodigious Roctonic SA. Discovered on TikTok, Roctonic SA’s unique sound added an electrifying dimension to “ilikeyou” What’s mindblowing? He crafted his contribution entirely on his phone, showcasing the boundless possibilities of modern music production. “ilikeyou” is scheduled for release on 9 February 2024.

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