Stanbic Bank Sponsors the 6th Africa Youth Entrepreneur Summit

Stanbic Bank Botswana through Accelerate Incubator continues to cement its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the creative industry and local communities. The bank is excited to announce that it has sponsored the 6th Africa Youth Entrepreneur Summit with an amount of P100,000.00. 

This sponsorship reaffirms the bank’s commitment to its SEE initiative, fostering innovation, supporting the creative industry and empowering local communities, particularly aspiring young entrepreneurs.

The event took place on the 28th – 29th of February and was held at the University of Botswana Conference Centre under the theme: “Advancing Creative Industries In The Digital Economy.” The significance of this event served as a pivotal platform for networking, knowledge exchange and advancing thought leadership within the entrepreneurial ecosystem zoning into the creative industry.

The summit featured esteemed speakers and panelists, including Lesego Osman, Head of Business and Commercial Banking, who spoke on the topic of “Fostering a symbiotic relationship between finance, creativity and fueling a culture of innovation that propels both artistic expression and economic growth”. Lesego brought a wealth of experience and insights to the conversation, highlighting the role financial services plays in the eco-system.

Reflecting on the bank’s broader vision and purpose, Lesego Osman added: “As a bank deeply rooted in Botswana, we are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives inclusive growth. Our participation in initiatives like the Africa Youth Entrepreneur Summit underscores our commitment to realising our Purpose, “Botswana is our home, we drive her growth.”

He concluded by encouraging all stakeholders to join hands in championing innovation, creativity, and community impact as integral components of the SEE (Social, Environmental, and Economic) initiative.