Stanbic Bank Botswana Sponsors Hatab Conference Welcome Reception Cocktail To The Tune Of P200,000

Stanbic Bank Botswana remains dedicated to honouring their Purpose, “Botswana is our home, we drive her growth,” by joining forces with key stakeholders. Their latest collaboration involves forging a partnership with the Hospitality and Tourism Association Botswana (HATAB), in the form of sponsorship for the on-going Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana (HATAB) Conference Reception Cocktail, held last night, 25th April 2024, at the Bull and Bush Restaurant in Maun. This year’s theme is “Advancing towards a world-class tourism investment climate to create jobs.”

The partnership underscores the Bank’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth and collaboration within the hospitality and tourism industry, a sector that plays a vital role in Botswana’s economy. 

“We are proud to support and sponsor the Annual HATAB Conference Welcome Cocktail Reception. This sponsorship is a true testament to our dedication to empowering businesses and SMEs in Botswana and to our belief in the transformative power of collaboration to drive meaningful growth. It is through these initiatives that enable the industry and critical stakeholders to exchange ideas on how to propel Botswana forward,” said Stanbic Bank Botswana Chief Executive, Chose Modise.

This year’s conference is focused on discussing the evolving aspects of the tourism industry in the aftermath of the pandemic and its alignment with the new global economic landscape. The objective is to unpack, analyse and align on ways to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of the industry, leading to greater job opportunities.

“We are delighted to have Stanbic Bank as a sponsor of the 2024 HATAB Annual Conference Welcome Cocktail Reception. Their unwavering dedication to nurturing growth and fostering collaboration within the hospitality and tourism sector resonates profoundly with the core objectives of our annual event. We eagerly anticipate future partnerships like these, which play a pivotal role in propelling Botswana’s economy forward and enhancing the well-being of its citizens,” said HATAB Chief Executive Officer, Lily Rakorong. 

In addition to the conference, the bank acknowledges the unique banking requirements of tourism enterprises. These include supporting start-up businesses, enhanced financial assistance for business expansion, banking products tailored for travelers, digital financial inclusion initiatives to enhance visitor experiences, and financial education training. The bank aims to strengthen its position to effectively serve this market segment.