Orange Botswana CEO, Nene Maïga, Wins Female Innovator of the Year Award  2023

Orange Botswana celebrates the business’ CEO, Nene Maïga, on her  prestigious Female Innovator of the Year Award 2023, received at the Africa Tech  Festival Awards in Cape Town, South Africa. This distinguished accolade recognises  the exceptional contributions of women in the fields of technology, media, and  telecommunications across the African continent. 

Having assumed the role of CEO at Orange Botswana in 2021, Nene Maïga is widely  regarded as a trailblazer in the telecom industry. Her selection as one of the six  outstanding women contending for this award underscores her exceptional leadership,  unwavering dedication, and ceaseless efforts in propelling innovation and excellence  within the technology sector. 

The Africa Tech Festival Awards, a part of the larger Africa Tech Festival, celebrate  the significant impact of individuals and organisations in driving technological  advancements, connectivity, and digital transformation across Africa. The Female  Innovator of the Year Award specifically focuses on acknowledging the achievements  of women who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in these sectors. 

Under Nene Maïga’s leadership, Orange Botswana continues to exhibit resilience,  growth, and strong performance as a market leader, offering customers a range of  services such as voice, data, value-added services, mobile money, and robust B2B  offerings. 

Throughout her tenure, the telecommunications company has transcended traditional  connectivity, providing technological solutions that have profoundly impacted the daily  lives of Batswana. In 2022, Orange Botswana introduced 5G technology, positioning  Botswana as a prominent player in the mobile communications sector. This ushered  in 5G-enabled partnerships that brought forth innovations in e-health, connected  vehicles and cities, real-time gaming, and smart homes. Notably, the collaboration with  MRI Botswana resulted in the creation of a connected ambulance, enabling doctors to  guide paramedics through life-saving procedures en route to hospitals — a feat  attributed to the capabilities of 5G technology, as emphasized by CEO Nene Maïga. 

In response to her nomination, Nene Maïga expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am  deeply honored to have been recognized in this manner for my contribution to the tech,  media, and telecom sectors in Africa. This is a testament to the incredible work being  done at Orange Botswana, and I share this recognition with our dedicated team who  continue to drive innovation and excellence in our industry.”

Orange Botswana celebrates Nene Maïga, acknowledging that her accomplishments  not only showcase her individual brilliance but also symbolize the innovation and  progress emblematic of businesses in Botswana.