Major Moves Comedy Presents 9th Annual Hicofest at Avani Gaborone  

The 9th Annual Heavyweights International Comedy Festival (HICOFEST) is bringing non stop laughter to Gaborone on Thursday 23rd November at Avani Gaborone Resort and  Casino with the most sought after and in demand international and local comedians. The  audience will be treated to too much hilarity and great silliness from a variety of heavyweight  comics. The show promises fireworks to ensure patrons experience top notch  entertainment of different forms of comedy from over 8 countries. 

Major Moves Comedy’s biggest annual flagship comedy event which has grown in leaps  and bounds will feature over twelve comedians. Headliners for the event are local  heavyweight Thapelo Malani and legendary South African comedian Roni Modimola.  Events coordinator for Major Moves Comedy Gaolathe Kediemetse said, “One of our  comedians Thapelo Malani who is visually impaired, has been getting bookings  internationally. This year alone he has performed in Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and  Lesotho. He is an inspiration to all artists that anything is possible. He is a product of  Mochudi Resource Center for the Blind (MRCB) and there are a couple of amenities they  need. The motivation for the 9th Annual HICOFEST is to raise funds for his former school  through #LaughForACause initiative so that more Thapelos, even in other disciplines can  be produced by the center. Another benefit of the event is international heavyweights will  offer workshops to local comedians on how they can improve their craft and travel the  world.” 

Roni Modimola is a talented and versatile South African comedian, known for his dry but  witty style that can win over any audience. His comedic talent has taken him beyond the  borders of South Africa, and he has performed in various international comedy festivals,  including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the  New York Comedy Festival. Roni Modimola is a performer who can be relied on to win over  the trickiest crowd with his quiet charm, philosophical musings, silly word-plays and good  old-fashioned gags that leave the crowd begging for more. He has also made television  appearances on Comedy Central and BBC’s Live at the Apollo, showcasing his unique  blend of wit and humor to a global audience. 

Major Moves Comedy have been slowly increasing the lineup to give the audience an  unforgettable experience. This year the event is even bigger and better to give supporters  value for their while they #LaughForACause in supporting MRCB. The event includes Dr  Shakes from Eswatini, Maforty from Zimbabwe, Chingliz from Zambia, Angel Gabriel from  Nigeria, Lilaphalapha from Lesotho, Tye Lamar from USA, with Botswana’s Queen of Comedy Kelekwang ‘Rekunde’ Mophaleng, Abel Maruza and resident host Onkgopotse  ‘Mdala Ka Tjeludo’ Mugende. Maforty hosted Thapelo in Zimbabwe at Kwantuthu Comedy  Festival in Bulawayo while Lilaphalapha hosted Thapelo and Mdala Ka Tje at the Lesotho  International Comedy Festival in Maseru. 

The venue sponsor is Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino which is in the heart of the city. “We have had tremendous support for our past shows from both the public and the media  alike. We promise a truly enjoyable, relaxing and funny event with this production. We have a fresh new lineup, fresh new headliners and people must come and experience the best  and ultimate entertainment from beginning to the end,” says events coordinator Mr Kediemetse. Tickets for the comedy night are available at Webtickets & Spar outlets priced  from P200 single and P300 double. The show starts at 730pm.  


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