Liquid Intelligent Technologies extends fibre connectivity to more Botswana  businesses 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a  leading pan-African technology group, has announced the successful completion of the second phase of  the Gaborone Metro Ring project. The significant milestone reiterates the commitment Liquid Botswana  has made to local businesses and individuals of increasing access to high-speed connectivity, fostering  innovation and economic growth throughout Botswana’s capital. 

“In August 2023 we had completed the first phase of the Metro Ring project and less than a year later,  we’ve completed the second phase. Directly and indirectly, we created 400 new jobs and have connected  an additional hundreds of businesses in the city. The second phase of the Metro Ring project includes  connections to key strategic locations connecting all the key business centres,” says Odirile Tamajobe,  Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana. 

Building on the momentum of Phase 1 in August last year, Liquid’s enterprise and wholesale clients in the  region can look forward to reduced tariffs for local and international data products, and enhanced  internet, communication, data transfer, and video streaming services. Additionally, it also aligns with the  company’s vision of a digitally inclusive future in which no African is left behind.  

Liquid has made significant investments towards establishing itself as a dominant presence and providing  businesses with expansive network that provides connectivity and access to digital platforms. This critical  milestone echoes the organisation’s continued partnership with the public sector to achieve the  government’s strategic plan and establish itself as a key contributor to the National Digital Transformation  Strategy, leaving no Motswana behind.  

This expansion also focuses on growing Liquid Intelligent Technologies’s wholesale, enterprise, and retail  offering across Botswana, resulting in improved customer service and the delivery of new products.