Knifebeatz And Dibi Give The Game A ‘word Of Advice’

The state of Hip- hop has been in question amidst the blow up of South African home brewed genre, Amapiano. Since then, a legion of new school Hip-hop activists has been working double time to cement their names in these MC streets!

KnifeBeatz, one of Africa’s hottest Hip-hop producers has had his skills trialled & tested in the studio, working with some heavy hitters in the game. This time he has joined forces with lyrical acrobat, Dibi, hailing all the way from the Eastern Cape. Dibi has followed his path to the city of gold where he has started making a name for himself. Both these creatives believe that their joined finesse results in captivating records that effortlessly blend Dibi’s lyrical prowess with KnifeBeatz’s seasoned hit-making techniques. This shared energy has fortunately birthed a masterpiece titled “Word of Advice.”  This song is where we witness the magic between the producer’s infectious composition & Dibi’s poised voice delivering bars that will leave a fan of the culture impressed. 

“Word of Advice” addresses the underwhelming force of some of the rappers in the Hip-hop fret. Dibi intentionally places himself in the position of one who is ready to catch the schmoke. When asked about his experience of working with the super producer, Dibi describes KnifeBeatz as “the mute engineer” as he doesn’t speak much during their studio sessions. “He’s a man of few words. Maybe he doesn’t need to speak because the music does all the talking so he lets the music speak for itself,” he says.  

Wherever it may come from, Dibi’s lyrical play is well structured and confident… This is truly what Hip-hop is! Brace yourself to be given a front row seat and witness an underdog ooze his thoughts on a KnifeBeatz bass pattern that rattles your eardrum from the second it makes contact with the speakers.

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