Botswana Life And Brown & Company Attorneys Enlighten Clients On Affluent Proposition Through A Soft Collaboration Launch

Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life) remains steadfast in its commitment to being a reliable and trusted insurance partner for the people of Botswana. Emphasising this commitment, Botswana Life recently joined forces with Brown & Company Attorneys in a partnership that sensitised business owners and affluent clientele on the importance of seeking assistance in estate planning, estate liquidation, trusts, and wills, to secure their loved one’s future.

Highlighting the importance of this collaboration, Botswana Life Senior Wealth Manager, Kgomotso Entaile stated, “Brown & Company Attorneys are already experts in the conversation about wills. Therefore, Brown appreciates and understands that executing an estate without money is the most painful process. As Botswana Life we offer a solution that speaks to such expenses; Estate Liquidity Cover.”

Estate liquidity refers to the ability of the estate to pay taxes and any other associated costs, debts or obligations that arise after one’s death using cash or its equivalent. This means that there should be enough cash available to meet the obligations of the estate such that there is no need to sell estate assets (which significantly reduces the estate value) to realise the necessary amounts.

The Estate Liquidity Cover forms part of the comprehensive offerings of the Botswana Life’s Affluent Division, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Botswana insurance market. The Affluent Division provides bespoke solutions for high-net-worth individuals, including specialised wealth management advice, access to international investment opportunities and markets, investment strategies, estate planning, and more. 

The collaboration between the two entities also emphasised the importance to business owners of seeking estate planning assistance when it comes to securing themselves, their loved ones, and their business. The Botswana Life Affluent Division offers initiatives such as Key Person Insurance Risk Cover and Buy & Sell Insurance, both offerings enable business continuity in case of death or disability.

“Drafting a will is great and we’re encouraging clients to draft wills, but it shouldn’t stop there. We as Botswana life can help arrange liquidity in your estate to protect your loved ones in the event of execution, as there are expenses you cannot avoid upon death” Concluded Entaile.