About Us

BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED is an exclusive online news and lifestyle magazine created for upwardly mobile citizens with distinguished tastes.

Based in Gaborone, Botswana; UNPLUGGED is a quintessential online news and lifestyle medium (platform) which strives to speak to the soul of the country’s upscale lifestyle by setting its sights on the passion that permeates our region.

Published by WindRush Communications (PTY) Ltd & Maverick Maven Co (PTY) Ltd, the highly visual, fresh and uncluttered environment showcases breaking and fresh news from all corners of the country, travel, celebrity profiles, sports news, tongue-in-cheek but expressive opinions as well as a gallery of our diverse people and culture.

Through exceptional stories and photography compiled by our seasoned team of scribes and photographers; BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED highlights the best in home décor, local cuisine, fashion, travel and hot gossip.

Chic and informative, BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED celebrates the uniqueness of Botswana and all it has to offer to local and international residents looking for superior goods and services.

BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED is a platform of human voices, capturing the unpredictable and unexpected rhythms of life and existence, the daily heartbeat of humanity in an eloquent and al dente prose.

BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED is a mirror that reflects reality; and like a good mirror, it reflects life from all nuances-society, economy, sports, arts and culture, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, travel and tourism, country branding, the rich, the poor, the stars and the ordinary, the sinners and the saints, warts and all.

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