PPC Drives Employment Creation during COVID times

PPC Drives Employment Creation during COVID times

  • PPC engages unemployed graduates for 6-months skill uplifting project
  • Ambassadors trained by top PPC Botswana sales experts
  • PPC draws closer to clients through customer service initiative


PPC Botswana continuously strives to deliver on its mandate to empower and enrich Batswana youth in a meaningful, andimpactful manner through growing the economy, and employment creation of young people across the country.

“The company has instigated an initiative that brings us closer to our customers. We have placed instore sales ambassadors in major local retail stores which sell PPC cement all across Botswana as well as organized activations to educate and raise awareness on PPC cement. This will be driven by these ambassadors that have been specially selected and trained to offer consumers the best service and knowledge with regards to all things PPC cement. PPC Botswana prides itself in delivering a wide range of locally produced superior quality products and this initiative will ensure customers are aware of what is needed for their personal or commercial projects and that they can benefit from this knowledge through these activations,” declared PPC Botswana Head of Business Unit, Tuelo Botlhole.

They have played an active role in uplifting the community in which they operate to form and increase shared value for all.  Their main aim remains to deliver on sustainable initiatives primarily in the area of educating and empowering the nation.

These youths are Batswana degree-holders aged between 18 to 30 years. Youth engagement by organizations even on a part-time basis is a key way of ensuring they remain active in society and that they are constantly improving themselves and garnering business acumen. Having young people participate in private and public organizations benefits the economy because it will have an excess of decisive, powerful and capable leaders. It also qualifies them to create sustainable and effective solutions to global and local challenges through innovative ideas, vigor and ingenuity.

“Unemployment has been a huge hindrance to the growth of Botswana’s economy and an even greater barrier to the financial and societal advancement and participation of the youth.  According to Statistics Botswana, as of July 2021, the unemployment rate in Botswana is at 17.7% and the inflation rate at 8.9%. These harsh realities are well known to PPC and they consequently took initiative to employ these young people so they become a part of the solution.” Tuelo added.

“Prior to the appointment of these young ambassadors, PPC Botswana upskilled them through extensive training that was led by PPC experts. The team was equipped with customer service, sales and marketing, and market experience which ensures they are industry ready upon completion of the program. COVID-19 has made it difficult for many employable youths to find employment and gain solid experience but this PPC upskilling program provides an opportunity to give employees an upper hand,” reiterated the PPC Head of Unit.  

The ambassadorship initiative will be taking place in the differentregions in Botswana across variousretail stores and will be running for six months. The local and philanthropic cement manufacturing company has been committed to its community service initiatives as evidenced by their relentless support of local hardware enterprises and bricklaying companies.  They believe that imparting the skills to build they have gained over the years will boost the young graduates’ portfolios, confidence and skillsets so they are more attractive to employers and more cognizant of what transpires in the cement industry.

Employing young people is advantageous due to their adaptability and agility. They have the ability to respond promptly to arising challenges and situations. Additionally, they are better able to grasp the information and skills they have been taught. Having a knowledgeable and skilled youth is a great benefit to the nations’ overall economy.

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