Modibe’s Total Music Group given BOMU awards rights

Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) takes this opportunity to announce the Appointment of Total Music Group (Pty) Ltd as the BOMU Music Awards Consulting Firm. BOMU has appointed Total Music Group to organise, market, coordinate and manage the most prestigious and outmost citizen, yet global inclusive music awards  of the Republic of Botswana. 

Total Music Group (Pty) Ltd is a company founded and led by Mr. Seabelo Modibe, a reputable music industry entrepreneur who is a practitioner of the music industry from the developmental, sustainable and the commercial stage. BOMU also engages him from a pure level of the Creative Industry Community Development stage process; which so often is lacking where we are as a nation often in need of the most attention, yet in neglects to attain its ultimate commerce. 

BOMU has resolved to partner with Total Music Group for a period of five (5) years. Not only because that the team at Total Music Group has its Creative Industry Commerce splendid in its intention and deliberate focus. But more importantly because, due to its experience, and having held incontestable positions within the Creative Industry Space. BOMU notes that the Total Music Group team has delivered beyond measure both commercial and community projects in the Creative Industry, in a career spanning 21 years. 

Mr. Seabelo Modibe as Managing Director in this regard needs neither introduction nor validation. His track record and that of Total Music Group (Pty) Ltd, an establishment he leads with passion and understanding of the music business, surpasses the above normal sphere. Most importantly, Mr. Seabelo Modibe possesses undoubtedly a wide network of reliable and worthy track record of contacts in Botswana, Africa and across the globe. These are rare and exclusive attributes, which are exactly precise of, and are within what our members and indeed, the collective, as the Botswana Musicians Union and this beloved nation, desperately need. It is our duty, mandate and obligation core, to advance the agenda of the growing Botswana Creative Industry, especially our musicians’ careers beyond where they currently view themselves and beyond.

Total Music Group has assembled streams and teams of Batswana Creatives, for a deliberate purpose to expand the purpose and outlook of Botswana Music Glitz and Glamour for 2021 and beyond. This is in inclusive of youth creative entrepreneurs, minds and businesses think tanks that bring in a huge wealth of experience into the execution of the Botswana Musicians Union Awards. This is further in cognisance of Intellectual Property, Broadcasting Rights, Creative Public Relations Sphere, Digital Understanding and Practice, Content Production and Monetisation, Communication, Merchandising and Commercialization areas which we have been neglecting as BOMU in our past.

We are as BOMU over thrilled that Mr. Seabelo Modibe leads a team of deliberate experts that hosts one of the biggest Music Conferences in Africa called the Botswana International Music Conference (BIMC). This is an international annual platform that brings together international speakers, and local speakers to deliberate on issues that are of a global phenomenon to, and on the Creative Space.  We at BOMU recall that on the last edition, for the first time, the Botswana International Music Conference brought in Viacom as media partner. Viacom is a company that owns both Mtv and BET. This International Conference is part of a network of six (6) conferences in Africa being; Moshito – Republic of South Africa, The Imbizo – Republic of South Africa, Momix – Mauritius, Kreol – Seychelles, IOMMA – Re Union Island, Lesotho Music Conference. It is our plan as BOMU to on-board our members with a deliberate intention that they perform, get exposed, get commercial at international sphere and exchange skills in these platforms that our partner is a partner to. Our members and those within the sphere of the BOMU Music Awards as participants and otherwise shall be apart and benefit of these spaces as well. 

Total Music Group’s main immediate mandate, as assigned by BOMU is to stage a world class Botswana Musicians Union 2021 Awards ceremony virtually, and align such with the Republic of Botswana’s reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The assignment is to further re-negotiate the broadcasting, marketing and sponsorship agreements in place with the Department of Broadcasting Services and Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development as already trustworthy and long-time BOMU partners in this Creative Industry project. The assignment extends to coming up with an awards turnaround strategy which is already in place and will be shared with the media and BOMU Members in due course. As BOMU we would like to announce that for the first time in the history of the BOMU Awards, the Awards will have Prize Money for all the nominees and winners. 

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