Diacore Marathon run for Success: Designed for Impact

The Diacore Gaborone Marathon (DGM) is not a race, it is a movement. Since DGM took the baton of the largest running marathon for charity in 2012, the clarion call – Rise, Run, Shine – has moved an entire nation to rally together in increasing numbers. 

This year, DGM witnessed the largest registration, totalling 11,480 runners of 46 different nationalities. Over P1.8 million will be donated from the proceeds towards charities and developments around the country, with significant contribution towards fighting against Gender Based Violence (GBV0 through partnership with ‘Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention and Support Centre’. 

The impact that DGM continues to create and deliver lies in its strategic execution, designed for a multiplier effect and to make diamond dreams real.

What started as a diamond cutting and polishing factory, training Batswana in the art of diamond polishing and localising operations up to the highest level, quickly evolved. It was imperative for Diacore to launch a beneficiation initiative that would be both impactful and far-reaching. Over the years, DGM proved to be that watershed movement, delivering benefits to people across Botswana in multiple ways.  The ripple effect can be felt across industries – tourism, hospitality, nightlife, employment and healthy lifestyle change nationwide. This includes:

•       More than P1.4 million per annum for last three years to donated to charity organisations 

•       Increased awareness of Gaborone’s & Botswana’s tourism offering due to increased visitors and media exposure (value of exposure of more than P50 million)

•       Placement of Gaborone on the International Marathon schedule

•       Exposure of Gaborone as a Host City for other sports and large events

•       Exposure to marathons and sports in general among local population

•       Training and transformation of workforces, new skill transfer efforts

•       Excellence in management of the event and efficient budgeting/spend

•       Support to and potential to grow small businesses in the value chain

Says Mr. Kfir Teichman, Managing Director of Diacore Gaborone, “We are happy that through DGM we have made a difference in the most important aspects of people’s lives – their health and lifestyle. To paraphrase actor Denzel Washington, At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you have accomplished… It’s about who you have lifted up, and who you have made better. It’s about what you have given back. These are words that inspire us in what we do through DGM.”

DGM 2022 was extra special as it served as the “return” after having been put on hold for two consecutive years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The phenomenal and indeed record-breaking turnout thus demonstrates how the event is ingrained in the hearts and minds of people across Botswana. DGM proved to be a beacon of hope at a time when spirits were low, keeping people motivated, upbeat and healthy. People from across the country streamed in from major cities and smaller communities alike. Their pride in the biggest event of Botswana deepens organisers’ commitment to make DGM even more purposeful and meaningful. 

Botswana’s First Lady, Neo Masisi, participated in the 10km race this year, supporting this beloved platform and this year’s theme to fight GBV as  a true national imperative. Speaking at the event, the First Lady asked, “What are we doing at the individual, corporate and community level to fight this GBV scourge?” Not only did she highlight the devastating impact that GBV has on our society, but she also challenged runners to play a part in fighting against it. “Please continue to say NO to all forms of GBV, to ensure that we become a society which calls for ZERO tolerance towards GBV.”

Honourable Lefoko Fox Moagi, Botswana’s  Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Security, shared a similar sentiment. “I applaud companies like Diacore for indeed turning diamond dreams into reality. From a modest start  to over 11,000 marathon participants spanning different countries, it is testimony to massive growth and unleashing of talents. We are seeing individuals, teams and even corporates now reaping rewards be it fitness, wellness, productivity at the workplace  – you name it. This is diamonds for development in action.  Further, this is a massive platform to disseminate key messages around GBV and other social ills. I am proud to be part of this going forward and to bring my Ministry team next year.”

This platform, with inherent multiplier effect designed to make diamond dreams real, continues to make its mark in the hearts and minds of people across and indeed beyond Botswana. From initiation to date (being 2012 to 2022), DGM has contributed a cumulative P100,000,000 plus to the Botswana economy*. A single event with a powerful effect across communities, businesses and people that has become one of the largest, fastest-growing in the country, it was designed for impact and continues to deliver impact at every turn. 

Crystallising this further, Diacore has identified initiatives that are in line with Botswana’s Vision 2036 pillars to create and nurture talent in sectors that will exist post mining, thus securing beneficiation for future generations to come. 

The movement shows no signs of slowing down. Rise, Run, Shine well into the future.

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