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BTO supports Global Entrepreneurship Week

Billed as the largest celebration of entrepreneurship in the world, the Global Entrepreneurship Week is billed to take place between the 14th and 20th November 2022 and is recognised as one of the biggest celebrations of entrepreneurship globally; with over 40 000 activities in hundreds of countries engaging millions of people every year.

Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO) has collaborated with a local Tech Company; Ngwana Africa to inspire local businesses to take the next step and explore their business innovation potential, while gaining new connections and increasing collaborations to strengthen their business and the entrepreneurial community through the Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

The BTO is very pleased to support the Global Entrepreneurship Week Botswana as a way of creating awareness of technology emerging trends for the travel and tourism industry. In the wake of a travel frenzy, sparked by pent-up consumer travel demand and more than two years of pandemic-induced restrictions on global travel, tourism and leisure are making a strong rebound as consumers take to the skies again at a soaring pace. 

The recent few months of travel have been a test of what lies ahead, and in part, how human innovation paired with digital and technological tools can help improve outdated systems, provide fool proof real-world solutions and enhance the overall customer journey from start to finish. Technological reform will see travel, tourism, leisure, and hospitality enter a new era of digital evolution despite the persisting problems we’ve already encountered. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week should have us look at current issues and see how we can address them using tech-based systems. Our consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy, and we’ll need to adjust accordingly. As technology plays a vital part in how consumers are now embracing the return of travel. Though travel has returned, it does however raise questions over whether tourism entrepreneurs have geared themselves with the right digital tools and technologies to cope with the sudden surge in demand. 

Now, as we steadily enter a new era of travel and technology, it will be crucial for travel, tourism, leisure, and hospitality to adapt accordingly, not only to meet consumer demand but to remain a competitive player among their competitors and help transform the entire industry regardless of where it may be heading. 

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