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TAAG Announces Headline Sponsorship of KAYA International Dance Festival 2023

TAAG Angola Airlines, a prominent player in the African  aviation sector, has stepped forward as the headline sponsor for the KAYA International  Dance Festival, set to kick off on the 21st of September. This strategic association further  cements TAAG’s dedication to enhancing and supporting local arts and culture, and it serves  as a clear demonstration of its commitment to celebrating Africa’s diverse and rich heritage. 

The KAYA Festival has carved out a reputation as a leading event in the global dance  calendar. Hosted annually in the vibrant setting of Mozambique, it assembles an eclectic mix  of artists, dance enthusiasts, teachers, and DJs. These individuals, from various corners of  the world, come together to share, learn, and celebrate the boundless realm of dance. 

Supporting such an esteemed event is not merely a branding exercise for TAAG. It’s a  reflection of its deeper commitment to fostering the arts and promoting the unique cultural  nuances that make Africa unique. Through its extensive flight network and partnerships like  this, TAAG seeks to create dialogues between cultures. 

Eduardo Fairen, CEO of TAAG, shared his thoughts on the partnership, “The heartbeat of  Africa lies in its arts, traditions, and cultural exchanges. At TAAG, we don’t just connect  destinations; we connect stories, dreams, and aspirations. Supporting the KAYA Festival is  an embodiment of our deep-rooted commitment to Africa’s arts. We’re more than an  airline; we’re a bridge to Africa’s vibrant soul.” 

This year’s festival promises attendees an immersive experience. Beyond the allure of Afro Latin beats, the festival is set to introduce a rhythm indigenous to Mozambique, providing  attendees with an authentic taste of local culture. Featured performers include renowned  

names like FAYA from Mozambique, DJ SASS South Africa, ISABELLE E FELICIEN from France,  MESTRE METCHU from Portugal/Angola, and a host of other talents from across the  continent. 

As the festival beckons, all are invited to experience a dance showcase that promises to be  both enlightening and entertaining, a true reflection of Africa’s cultural vibrancy. 

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