PPC brick making workshops strengthen SMMES

  • Curb the high rate of unemployment

PPC Botswana’s ongoing brickmaking workshops have strengthened the operation of various SMMEs across the country who now possess high-quality and professional skills.  

The brickmaking workshop which was initiated in 2018 in a bid to equip and empower Batswana with brick making skills which would assist them grow and diversify their businesses. Over 100 Batswana have been equipped with brick moulding skills that have seen them also imparting the knowledge and creating employment. The workshops have taken place in Mokolodi, Kopong, Pitsane, Mochudi, Tsolamosese and Mathubudukwane to mention a few. 

“Our goal is to curb the high rate of unemployment in Botswana, create opportunities and provide resources. The workshops mean that our technical team members take participants through professional brick moulding mentorship using PPC cement such as Surebuild and Surecem. Through this effort PPC Botswana looks forward to helping improve the local economy by creating these opportunities,” said PPC Botswana Sales Manager Mr Cliff Alfred. 

Upon completing the workshops PPC Botswana awards the participants with certificates that indicate that they are now professionals. Most of the individuals that have benefited from this programme have established brickyards that created opportunities in their respective communities. They have also become some of the main brick providers in their regions. In some of these communities, PPC Botswana equips the participants with brick-making machines. 

“We are progressively covering most regions of the country with our brick making workshops. We strongly believe that this exercise will play a pivotal role in the manufacturing industry and economy”.

Recently PPC Botswana signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Local Enterprises Authority (LEA) to join forces in training, empowering and equipping local enterprises with competencies to successfully operate their businesses. PPC Botswana believes that assisting local manufacturing companies has the potential to drastically improve economic sustainability.

 PPC Botswana has over the years empowered communities across the country with skills such as brick making, school stationery, working infrastructure and resources that would enable them to be self-sufficient. The various businesses that have received a boost from PPC have gone on to create employment in the various communities. 

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