DStv celebrates the life of Princess Diana

DStv is joining the world in commemorating the life of Princess Diana in a series of documentaries that will be showcased on various channels this August and September.  There has been a lot of intrigue surrounding the Princess of Wales before and after her passing; from speculation on her personal life, to various conspiracy theories about the tragic accident that led to her death.

DStv subscribers are informed to tune in to DStv for some insight and a commemorative look back at Princess Diana‘s life, as well as the tragic death from a variety of media personalities and biographers.

DStv will highlight some of the highlights dedicated to the 20-year tribute of Princess Diana’s death which include among others, The Last 100 Days of Diana: Retracing what was a touching event of Princess Diana’s first and last summer as a single woman. In between romance, paparazzi and her tragic untimely death in a car accident. The two-hour long documentary hosted by former ABC News co-anchor Martin Bashir.

Viewers are advised to tune in today(Friday 25 August) at 19:30 CAT on M-Net You can also catch Princess Diana: Her Life – Her Death – The Truth, hosted by Gayle King – coming to M-Net on 01 September at 19:00 CAT.

Diana Princess of Wales

Other shows include; Death of Diana: This extraordinary untold story unlocks the answers to Diana’s fate through a series of shocking revelations. The car she was travelling in on that fatal was badly damaged in crash and declared a write-off more than two years before the Alma Tunnel tragedy. It also reveals how the car was spared the scrapheap and came to join the Ritz’s limousine service. The film features exclusive testimony from contributors and witnesses, including members of the investigation team and emergency services who were first to arrive on the scene of the crash, with some speaking out for the first time ever. Tune in on Sunday 3 September at 20:15 CAT on the History Channel.

Diana and the Paparazzi: The People’s Princess and darling of the media, Diana was the most sought after and photographed woman in the world, with newspapers and magazines paid fortunes to get hold of circulation boosting pictures of her. Diana and Paparazzi looks into the Princess’s love-hate relationship with the peoples who courted and hunted her. Those closest to Diana will reveal how she enjoyed using the press for her own ends and told stories through pictures. Airs on Thursday 31 August at 20:00 CAT on iTV.

Princess Diana funeral

Diana: The Day the World Cried: Kate Winslet’s narration Diana’s Funeral is the story of the day, as told by people who were there. From famous faces at Westminster Abbey to those behind the scenes such as the funeral’s chief architect Sir Malcolm Ross who had just six days to plan the whole event; chief pallbearer Captain Richard Williams who had the weight of the nation on his and his men’s shoulders plus the former Royal Protection Officer who looked after Diana and the two Princes and travelled in the hearse with Diana’s coffin. Tune in on Friday 1 September at 20:00 CAT on iTV.

Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason: Diana, Princess of Wales was both the style and substance, fashion idol and a humanitarian. The documentary series examines new evidence and features exclusive interviews from insiders to shed new light on the life and death of one of history’s most beloved figures. She redefined what it meant to be royal, so much so that many feared she would ultimately bring down the monarchy. Instead, through her legacy, she ended up saving it.  Tune in to TLC Entertainment from Thursday 31 August at 20:00 CAT

For more info visit www.dstv.com

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