ICE100 online radio station debuts

Botswana got its first internet radio station yesterday. Aptly tagged ICE100 – Innovate, Collaborate, Educate; the online service launched yesterday arousing the already curious minds of social media adherents who took to their various accounts to air their varied views regarding Botswana’s latest invention. Pioneered by one of Botswana’s grandiose and meticulous entrepreneur, Thapelo Letsholo alongside popular broadcast veteran, Bonnie Dintwa, the ICE100 radio  channel situated at the 10th floor of iTowers, new CBD in Gaborone, that functions on 24/7 basis, addresses the Botswana community worldwide with top 40 frontiers of musical exposures along with discussions on various business and entrepreneurship, sports, tourism and travel, investment and trade, entertainment and music, cultural, social and contemporary issues.

Bonnie Dintwa and Drew Chadhall doing what they know best at ICE100.

An overly excited Dintwa; a media specialist and content creation expert with over 15 years’ experience working in Botswana as an on air television, radio, Djing and emceeing talent said, “ICE100 is a luxury radio environment where the common link is curiosity and dedication, combined with a drive to spread the word and play an active role in driving growth through innovation, collaboration and education.”

Leungo Andre Pitse hosts the ICE100 breakfast show dubbed Espresso on ICE between 6 and 8am weekdays.

“Our key focus areas are: Business and entrepreneurship, Sports, tourism and travel, investment and trade as well as entertainment and music. We are an online platform based in Botswana, for the international and local market. Content is king here, with shows being CONTENT driven and guests being knowledgeable. Presenters are very well researched in order to start interviews from a place of knowledge. We know, but would like to know more. We represent high-brow, world class entertainment for the discerning listener, a listener who demands the absolute best entertainment, information and education,” said Dintwa adding that the targeted key demographic is 21 to 40, plus spillage.

“We are simply targeting the young adult and adult contemporary market, worldwide. Our music selection is strictly top 40 hits, so that when we do play music, we only play what the people love.”

Quizzed why this new development especially in the Botswana broadcasting market, Dintwa said the advent and growth of online radio platforms in the last decade in developed markets and more so in the last five years has created new opportunities for promotion of products and services, as well as new ways to sell brands and deliver messaging to millennials, a key demographic in sub-Saharan Africa and the world at large.

“Terrestrial radio has been affected by this trend and even market leaders in that field have gone to and are going to online streaming, as a main conduit of information delivery. Online platforms have eaten into listenership numbers of terrestrial broadcasters in markets all over the world with SA being a major case in point. Broadcasters like METRO FM, who have a large millennial audience have seen a decline in ratings, due to listeners moving to online for their radio fix.”

Furthermore, ICE100 knows that online radio is, by no means, the only reason these changes have happened, but is a major factor in the decline in terrestrial listenership numbers, as people look for radio that is accessible on the go i.e. on tablets, phones and other devices.”

Furthermore, advertising revenue has to be spent wisely and innovative brands who wish to stay ahead of the curve, must invest in online radio stations, through advertising.

The brains behind ICE100, Thapelo Letsholo

“Key reasons to go there are: Millennials will, by 2022, make up over 60% of the sub Saharan population, most urbanites and more and more rural area dwellers, spend a large chunk of time online, through social media thus are potential clientele for streaming services. Online platforms are multimedia, not just audio i.e. advertisers can utilize graphics, video and audio to advertise on one platform.  The numbers are everything and online platforms are able to deliver how many hits they are getting at any given time, to advertisers, while currently ad spend on terrestrial radio is made on blind faith and the hope that large numbers are listening at a particular time. The smart money is going digital, so should yours,” said ICE100 CEO, Thapelo Letsholo.

The ICE100 Line-Up

The ICE100 presenters include Drew Chadhall; a music and entertainment editor, EDM Legend and creator of the Chillstep movement, Thato Scar Matlhabaphiri; Hip-hop veteran and event promoter, Sesame Mosweu; practicing lawyer and entrepreneur, Mimi Mokgwathi;PR professional and trained psychologist, Moses Maruping;  veteran journalist and founder of Botswana Unplugged, Loungo Andre Pitse; TV and radio personality, emcee and an all-round nice guy, Sharon; a computer systems engineer, Lorato; winner of YAMAs Orange carpet presenter search, Jessica; sociology major and media professional as well as Ponalo; veteran marketer and investment professional.

The station will also feature contributors and correspondents who are professionals in various fields, celebrities and media practitioners.

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