Roll out the red carpet, here comes BK Proctor!

Bokang Proctor, otherwise known as BK Proctor, though underrated, is unquestionably Botswana’s most hard-working music producer, who continues to churn out hit-after-hit every time he takes to the recording studio. The relentless, energetic and ambitious musician, producer, director, songwriter, sound engineer, performer, voice-over artist and Samsung Brand Ambassador has performed in over 1, 000 shows in Botswana, Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa just to mention a few.

Over the years, BK Proctor has shared the stage with seasoned and international musicians such as Flavour, Zahara, the late Bujo Mujo, Donald, Khuli Chana, Loyiso, Big Nuz, Ozzy, Nameless, Ringo, Bonang Matheba, Lungsta, Zakes Bantwini, MiCasa, Professor, Liquid Deep and HHP among others.His zealous music journey and devotion; from 2009 to date has seen BK Proctor producing hit albums and songs for some of Botswana’s high-riding artists among them Vee Mampeezy, the late Stampore, Samantha Mogwe, Culture Spears, Maxy, Scar, Zeus, Brando, V.S Oicheke, Juju Boy, Eugene Jackson, T.H.A.B.O, Kast, Mosako and Steez.

Under his belt, BK Proctor has released a whopping seven music albums, namely “BK Proctor Volume 1” produced by Basement Studios in 2007, followed by “BK Proctor Volume 2” in 2008, “BK Proctor – The Album” in 2009 as well as “BK Proctor Volume 3: I Am Hip-Hop and Volume 4: I Am Kwaito” in 2010. Between 2011 and 2012, BK Proctor released “Music Man”, in appreciation of the fact that Batswana have an ‘international ear’ for music, followed by “BK Proctor – Masterpiece of Duets” in 2015.

“I’m an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or any situation that I’m presented with. I’m an open-minded, friendly and resourceful , versatile artist cum performer with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in life,” said BK Proctor this week moments after the release of his latest single “Ewajo” featuring the award-winning, Vee Mampeezy.

“Vee Mampeezy and I come from way back and it’s always a great experience whenever I’m with him in studio. We listen and understand each other and the chemistry is always flawless and effortless. I started out as his producer, having produced several of his hit albums and songs which include ‘Stimela’, ‘Zaza 2010’, ‘Crossroads’. That’s how our friendship began. In 2015, we came together and made ‘ZOOM’, which was a fusion of his style (House-Kwasa) and Hip-Hop, and it was a huge musical success,” said BK Proctor when quizzed about his collaboration with Vee Mampeezy.

Furthermore, the suave music producer added that having made a huge impact in their first collabo; they have waited long enough to do another one, a follow up record to “ZOOM”, and this year they put their heads together once more and “EWAJO” was born.

“We actually recorded the whole song in my hotel room in Palapye and we had a ball working on it. ‘EWAJO’ is an Ibu language in Western Nigeria, which means ‘Come, Everybody Come’ and the song is centered around fun and dance, which is exactly what we experienced whilst working on the song. I co-produced the song with TradeMark (RSA) and we have already engaged Uprooted Media in South Africa to shoot the music video which will also be done in SA. As we speak, they have already sent us the treatment of the video and we are scheduled to go and shoot soon,” added BK Proctor.

Quizzed about what else he’s working on BK Proctor said his latest album “Away and Beyond” is scheduled for release towards the end of August 2017.

“The album is simply an African collaboration where I have made songs with different artists, producers and video directors from all over the African continent. The idea behind this album is to simply teach and show fellow musicians that the world is our oyster and we can actually get our music, sound, culture out there by just simply working and collaborating with other creatives from around the world. We should move away from this trend of making music for Botswana only but rather focus on making music with a global appeal,” said BK Proctor.

Having recently spent a few weeks in Nigeria where he had gone to shoot his latest music video with Nigerian artist, Jojo (superstar Solidstar’s younger brother) with director, Avalon Okpe, BK Proctor noted that the entire experience was nothing but epic.

“I learnt so much during my visit to Nigeria and I’m forever grateful for the experience. For the first time in my life I truly felt like a star. They treated me like royalty and they were very professional in their work. This experience taught me so much,” said BK Proctor adding that the song with Jojo dubbed “Egwueji” has been positively received as it continues to dominate the local airplay as well as getting featured in all the Top 10, Top 20 and Top 40 charts.

“The video to Egwueji is also enjoying massive rotation on TV.  Let me also add that I also had an amazing time working in Nairobia, Kenya with Kenyan artist, Nazizi. We did a beautiful song which will be in my upcoming album, Away and Beyond,” said BK Proctor adding that he had just recently, returned from a working trip in China where he had gone to look for new sound and opportunities to do more collaborations.

“I just came back from China two days ago (Monday) where I had gone to shoot one of my songs with Director, Tony Anastasi. It was an amazing experience! The video was shot in Shenzheng and in Guangzhou, China. The scenery over there is mind-blowing and out of this world. We had all the latest camera equipment including drones for the shoot. The video will be out soon as we are done with the post-production on it,” added BK Proctor.

The dedicated yet humble music producer said he is currently working on a few projects, collaborations and music for other artists including Samantha Mogwe, Ban-T, Eskimos, MMP Family, Mapetla and T.H.A.B.O as well as Bangu and Prez Beats.

“Besides doing my own music, songs and videos, I always fulfil my first calling which is production; being a producer and director, and as such I always make time for others,” said BK Proctor.

Picking his brain on the trending #TlatsaLebala initiative spearheaded by fellow artist, Tshepiso “Kast” Molapisi, BK Proctor said, “I think Kast is Botswana’s modern-day Martin Luther King for us the creatives. He’s a visionary, a doer, a go-getter and we need many more like him. I believe with a more clearer vision of how and where the whole thing is gonna end in terms of ‘Doing-it-for-BW-Music’; only then would I say it was truly worth it. It’s one thing to prove to people that ‘It is Possible’ but it’s also another thing to hide behind the ‘Doing-it-for-BW-music’ tag when in actual fact you’re doing it for yourself, because once it’s all said and done, they will ask how did BW Music benefit from all of it? I hope I’m making sense! Other than that, Kast is my brother and my colleague, and I respect his vision,” concluded BK Proctor.

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