A poem on friendship

GUEST WRITER | Nonofo Baikitse | UB Student

We present before you a poem penned by one of our guest travel writers, Nonofo Baikitse; a young girl of many talents, currently reading for her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Botswana (UB). BOTSWANA UNPLUGGED first learnt of Baikitse when she volunteered to write a travel piece/diary about Mogonye for us; after her and school mates had taken an educational excursion to the small village situated a few kilometres from Boatle and Ramotswa. Enthused by her zeal and tenacious spirit, we submitted to her request and Bob was her uncle. A few months down the line, and this week to be precise; she asked if she could pen us a poem and when we asked why; this is what she presented; poetic musings of a young and vibrant Motswana lady inspired by comradeship…


A lot of people desire

A lot beg for it from the Messiah

It’s not easy to find but easier to lose

Because if you lose you snooze

You try finding it in media or

Or you try finding it anywhere else, but

But it’s not a NO!


Friendship means being there for someone at all times

It is trusting someone with your secrets and telling them your worries

Not forgetting your mistakes

Friendship is full of life and its pure

Not dirty particle to be found, for I am sure


It should not be like a battlefield

full of anger, NO! That should be sealed

I do not think passiveness can help

assertiveness is rather not too damp


One lie is the worst

Honesty is the best

Trust is better when it doesn’t matter

Fighting and solving makes it stronger

Don’t worry, communication is bolder

Friendship is rather fragile

Keep it!

*About Nonofo

nono 2She was born and raised in a traditional household having to spend almost the rest of her childhood at her home village, Serowe.

“I attended all my schools there until I came for my tertiary schooling at the University of Botswana up to date. When I grew up I had learnt to live with so many people with different attitudes and perspectives. I also discovered my abilities in the many different kinds of arts which include music (singing) as well as writing of which it influenced me to be doing my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, writing poems and lyrics and other kinds of literature,” she said adding that, “From the start I have always been a hardworking and dedicated person and it really helps me not to let obstacles get in my way. I persevere and work towards my dreams for I wish to have a brighter future and that is exactly what keeps me going.”As a parting shot, she said, “It is very simple, do what you love most with all your strength and you shall live your passion.”

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