Former Miss Teen Botswana unveils Claudy Collections line

Former Miss Teen Universe Botswana, Judith Kgwadi (26) has resurrected her love for beauty and fashion by unveiling her latest clothing line dubbed Claudy Collections. The clothing line ranges from caps, hoodies, T-shirts, lingerie, and baby clothes among others. Tladi this week said she looks to add more to her line in the future. She admitted that her zeal to start a new clothing line came as a result of the confidence she has in fashion and always being willing to be a step ahead.

“On the ramp I have to look pretty, smile and walk but with business I wouldn’t say it’s a walk in the park but the pleasure of dreaming and turning everything into reality is quite astonishing. In a nutshell, I am driven by the love and passion, so I enjoy all the struggles and hiccups because my vision is to go a long way,” she added.

Always focused to be a better entrepreneur, Kgwadi holds a Certificate in Traveling and Tourism from Byte Size and Certificate of Proficiency (COP) from Botswana Accountancy College respectively.  Quizzed about what makes her label unique, Kgwadi said Claudy Collections is focused on good customer service and providing quality, unique items at reasonable prices. 

She added that at Claudy Collections they appeal to a wide range of people from the old to the young. The clothing line name was inspired by her puppy named Claudy, which she loves very much. “In my darkest days when I felt lonely, miserable and felt so much hurt one day I decided to get a pet that could keep me busy and forget about my problems. Claudy was the best decision ever! Everyone around me knows how much this puppy means to me. That’s where the inspiration of the name came from, a soft spot in my heart,” she added.

Kgwadi who has brand influence and experience in the fashion industry said the good thing about pageants is that they teach a girl child to become a wise and all rounded individual to the community.

“One has to go through the stages of identifying a project of their choice ‘Beauty with a purpose project’. Crowns fall off but wealth goes a long way thus the power of being influential can change the next sad soul to have hope,” she highlighted.

She also revealed that another satisfying demand that she is penetrating is cosmetics and there is a line of gloss and lashes called Purple Claudy still under Claudy Collections.

“I am also working on creating a website, so it becomes easier for those who are not on both social media platforms to reach us and learn more about our products,” she concluded.

Kgwadi also gives credit to her growth into the business with a stint she did whilst an associate banker at Unimoni.

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