Letshego Namibia partners with These Hands to deliver innovations to rural communities in Ongenga

  • Letshego Botswana partners with ‘These Hands’, a global social enterprise start-up based in Botswana, which trains and supports rural community innovators/entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • ‘These Hands’ use a identifying and supporting community initiated innovations that make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals.
  • Letshego Botswana is supporting ‘These Hands’ with over P1Million in bridging finance to fund and facilitate the training and mentoring of local youth innovators who develop low-cost technologies for the benefit of rural communities.

Winhoek, Namibia – 20 January 2021: Letshego Botswana has partnered with These Hands; a global social enterprise start-up based in Botswana, that trains and mentors youth innovators to develop low-cost technologies that helps local members of our communities to overcome daily challenges.

Letshego Botswana is supporting ‘These Hands’ with bridging finance worth over P1.76Million to capitalise activities that facilitates training and mentoring of youth innovators who develop simple machinery to generate income directly for themselves, their families and members of their communities. In the roll out throughout various countries in which Letshego operates, it recently launched its innovation center in Ongenga, Namibia.

Nakapipi Elise, Letshego Namibia’s Acting Regional Manager commented at the ground breaking ceremony, “These Hands Initiative is meant for our people. Our people in Ongenga to bring about innovation. Our objective is to help useful innovations get the funding, the mentorship and the financial support needed to help, not only the inventors – but also other members of the community who can also gain from local innovation. Letshego’s brand promise is to IMPROVE LIVES – We are sure that when this innovation center is launched, we will surely see the fruits in years to come and we thank our town council for endorsing and partnering with us Innovation creates so many opportunities and unlocks so much potential in communities.”

Since their inception in 2015, These Hands have set up 5 rural innovation centres in Botswana at Dkar, Dutlwe, Rakops, Kaputura and Lesoma, having trained 400 people in 8 rural communities. Namibia aims to follow similar examples as the rest of Africa and These Hands will allow Ongenga to develop its community and stimulate the desire for innovation.

Hon. Matthew Shikongo, Regional Councilor said, “Letshego Namibia is enabling us to identify and support more innovators in our local communities – Their support helps us to educate, increase local skills and provide growth opportunities for our young local entrepreneurs. We thank Letshego Namibia and its partners for working with us and ploughing back into our communities. We may not see the immediate impact that this center has to offer, but as a tree when a seed is planted generations to come will enjoy the fruits and shade it has to offer. In Ongenga, a community which is often not heard of or overlooked, we take pride that we are being considered towards gearing our citizens for new innovations to be birthed right here.”

When innovators use their technologies, they can save time, develop energy sources energy, save the environment and generate income. When entrepreneurs sell their technologies, they can create exponential results for themselves through their customers. With expert training on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, These Hands participants go on to create Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). Young Entrepreneurs ready for scaling and in search of capital receive assistance through their networks and access to small pools of initial capital injection of closely monitored funding. Many of these entrepreneurs ultimately form teams and hire people, thus creating jobs not only for themselves but also for their communities.

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