Bomaid offers double the cover at no extra cost to students schooling in South Africa

Bomaid, Botswana’s most trusted medical aid provider, has introduced Happy Student, an extended medical aid cover at no extra cost. This product is specifically aimed at members that have dependents studying in South Africa.

The new Happy Student offering from Bomaid is a robust response to the current challenging times in the market to continue to offer its members superior medical aid cover and value. The new product is aimed at supporting Bomaid members while the new health dynamics brought on by COVID -19 are still evolving.

Essentially Bomaid is now offering double medical cover for dependents of members who may be studying in SA at the price of just one subscription fee. This was achieved by partnering with Makoti Medical Scheme which will provide a second medical aid cover in South Africa at no extra charge.  Members will continue to pay their Bomaid subscription fee in Botswana and any dependents studying in South Africa will be covered by Makoti.

Bomaid CEO, Moraki Mokgosana said, “Following a review of our offerings we began an innovative partnership with a South African based medical aid, called Makoti Medical Scheme. This partnership enabled us to extend cover to dependents of Bomaid members schooling in South Africa at no extra charge. We are proud to increase value for our members during a globally challenging time and, best of all, help our member manage costs as they focus on securing the future of their children through education. We appreciate that life as we know it has changed drastically, however with our extended cover our members can navigate the new normal with further assurance.”

Bomaid CEO, Moraki Mokgosana

COVID-19 protocols have generally increased the cost of living due to buying sanitizing materials and face masks for example. However, the opportunities to earn a living has also experienced challenges as industries experienced lockdowns and curfews for health reasons. By being able to offer this new product Bomaid aims to alleviate some of the fiscal pressures on members, without compromising the quality of medical cover.

The Makoti Medical Scheme provides high quality medical care and dependents can expect to receive services that include, an unlimited number of visits to the doctor (GP), unlimited medicines for chronic illness, access to ambulance services for medical emergencies, basic oral care from filling to extractions at the dentist and up to R904 on Optometry needs every 24 months including full cost of eye tests as highlights. These are a selection among many other services available under Makoti Medical Scheme cover.

“The global onset of the COVID-19 virus caused our business to introspect and dig deeper to find a way to continue to offer Bomaid members the leading health cover and value that they expect from us,” said Bomaid COO, Thato Kubu.  “Along with our Partner, Makoti Medical Scheme, we took this opportunity to offer the same assurance and level of medical cover to our Members’ children without increasing the costs. The increased anxiety that parents must feel after sending their children away to schools in South Africa does not abate easily, even with increased protocols to ensure general safety for learners.”

Through Bomaid’s partnership with Makoti Medical Scheme, the most affordable medical aid in South Africa today, members will be assured of quality medical cover for their dependents. The global pandemic has forced companies to innovate leading to new partnerships. Bomaid is now able to increase value while extending assurance across borders for its Members at no extra cost. This medical aid cover is currently only available for Bomaid members with dependents studying in South Africa.

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