Local earth-friendly interior design brand hits market

GABORONE- Local Earth-friendly interior design brand Something Sincere hits markets this week with a limited edition of Tsodilo Rock painting inspired cushion line. Founded by Design Practitioner Gofaone Mlauzi, Something Sincere uses pure cotton and organic products to create vibrant, contemporary designs for sustainable home decor. The brand has set out to collaborate with skilled urban migrant artisans and craftsmen who deftly craft beautiful cushions, interior upholstery and décor from upcycled textiles.

The brand’s first collection shines a spotlight on one of the world’s most significant concentrations of rock, The Tsodilo Hills, where 4,500 rock paintings representing decades of unique artistry, believed to have been made by the Khoi people and Bantu immigrants are displayed.

Speaking on Something Sincere’s purpose, The Founder, Gofaone Mlauzi, “As a proudly Botswana based and inspired creative brand, Something Sincere has a strong desire to become a facilitator of improved earth-friendly design, something we have dedicated ourselves towards. This can be seen in our 100% cotton fabrics and organic products. Also key to the brand’s core is our strategic partnerships with local artisans and organisations to drive socio-economic impact and further support and empower creative excellence and heritage.”

Something Sincere’s approach to earth friendly design is premised on its passion for Botswana’s pristine wildlife habitats and the Nation’s beautiful people, in partnership with organisations such as The Pelotshweu Trust, local communities and other stakeholders. The earth friendly brand not only adopts an ecologically-sensitive approach to its operations, but does so without compromising on the high standards of luxury design fit for an international clientele. Those interested in purchasing the bespoke home décor pieces can find designs exclusively on its e-commerce platform at www.somethingsincere.co.bw.

“Often, sustainability as a concept can be complicated, and sustainable products are often stereotyped as being unstylish or drab—perceptions that are hardly synonymous with luxury. Nevertheless, the design industry is slowly but surely shifting its focus to promote a more mindful, less disposable way of living. As Something Sincere, we are making it our mission to bring luxe, earth-friendly products to the world.” concluded Mlauzi.

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