The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 2020

We all know the year 2020 has been a unique and challenging year for many, if not all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, conflict, brutality and abuses of power abounded and so too the coronavirus pandemic ran rampant. The pandemic has become a pervasive and chilling backdrop to man’s inhumanity to man – and a timely reminder of our own vulnerability on a planet teetering on the edge.

This has been truly a tough year for all and sundry. However, despite all the debilitating effects brought about by the pandemic, the year 2020 was also a year to reset for a few individuals who found opportunities amidst adversity.  Having just come out of the 2019 General Elections, which were of course won by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), again for the past 50 years, since 1965; many had hoped 2020 will be a good promissory year, in typical Setswana adage, ngwaga o monamagadi! OMG were we not fooled, as we only counted from January until March and the whole world came to a complete halt thanks to Covid-19 and its notorious lockdowns. Since then, nobody has ever lived normally again. Botswana Unplugged looks at a few 2020 moments, both positive and negative within the creative sector, writes @madisafils…

Entertainer of the year

William Last KRM – recording artist and comedian

What a boy! If the internationally acclaimed Chris Brown and MC Hammer says you’re talented, who else matters? He is the only Botswana-based entertainer with over 1 million followers. If he gets a manager of quality, best believe that many top South African artists are waiting for that collaboration. William’s latest offering Tinto has left many wondering where he has been hiding his rap game. And the nod by MC Hammer this week cemented his A-game status.

Influencer of the year

Sonny Serite – both with Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO) and CEDA,

Serite cemented his prowess in the brand influencing space. His first campaign was with BTO dubbed #RedscoverBotswana and recently as CEDA brand ambassador. CEDA entrusted Serite to change mindsets and shape opinion regarding their day-to-day operations. His journalistic talents also played a pivotal role in galvanizing his outstanding performance

Sportsperson of the year

Keamogetse Kenosi – Boxing

Get this; she is the first boxer worldwide to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics even though they were postponed. Kenosi couldn’t care less that men have dominated boxing when she packed powerful uppercuts to book a space in the upcoming summer games.

Campaign of the year


If there has been a campaign that attracted even the interest of the neighboring countries will be the Sunday Cook Off drive on Twitter. As lockdown blues intensified, Kagiso Mpa and his team started a battle of the cooks, which even saw them attracting several sponsors and endorsements. The cherry on top perhaps was when Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry summoned them to her office for a job well done. Who knows, maybe in 2021, the team will take it a notch higher with a television show.

Controversial artist of the year

Vee and A.T.I

With the covid-19 effects gripping in, the vulnerability of the local creative sector was severely felt.  Two of the artists to put their lives on the line were Vee and ATI. Both have spent some time in police cells for allegedly crossing paths with Botswana health protocols. Their grief, as they have been preaching to anyone who cared to listen was the rampant lack of care by the authorities for the creative sector, who claim they have not gotten any income since March 2020.

TV personality of the year

Sadi Dikgaka

Based on the endorsements she continues to get, Sadi is by far the best TV personality and on top of her game. Some of her endorsements include Options and Jameson among many. The departure of Loungo Pitse from Btv’s Flavadome where the duo formed a formidable cohosting team, gave the vivacious Molepolole-born lass with more room and ample airtime to shine.

Radio personality of the year

Bonjo Mathumo, the Duma FM morning show host – has been consistent for the longest time and has improved tremendously overtime. His grasp for current affairs and presentation skills have kept Duma FM on top as the most listened to radio station in the country. The best way to wake up is of course to good radio programming.

Song of the year

Tinto by William Last KRM – with over 784 000 views on YouTube just under a month since it was loaded; Tinto has overtaken all the songs released in 2020 to become the people’s favorite.

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