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GABORONE, Botswana, October 2020/ — A young Motswana portrait and mural artist, Thato Khomela has given a new eatery in town an inspired facelift with his inventory gallery. The eatery is situated in Gaborone Block 10’s Setlhoa Park complex dubbed Ate@design.

Describing the new up market eatery, chef Thabang Mponang said Ate@Design is a Cafe, Bar & Kitchen that prides itself with its unique food as well as striving to be consistent in experience, so as to introduce a different culinary style to the hospitality scene.

Speaking at the launch of his gallery recently, Khomela said, “the time is now to normalize art as a lifestyle, better yet to give art the recognition it deserves and to prove to the youngsters out there that there’s life through art.”

From a tender age of drawing ‘fountain-shaped-reddish-colored jelly’ to the seasoned man, Khomela has made a promise to restore local culture. “I will engrave it into the timeless pieces, my heritage shall forever live on canvas with every stroke of my brush and I will elicit emotions, stimulate thoughts, spark conversations and take Batswana down memory lanes and remind them of their heritage as well as their pride.”

Khomela has hit the ground running through initiatives such as the Shining Light Exhibition, honored in the President’s Day competitions as the best in drawing category 2013, the MYSC Bot50 Art Lead Artist and Thapong Artist of the Year 2012 among his numerous accolades.

His art pieces cost P2000 upwards. His brand manager, Rebaone Malefho said most of the artists are highly talented but lack the marketing prowess to become even greater artists hence he used his intellect and his vast experience in the marketing and public relations space to place Khomela in an accessible space that will bring attention and potential customers to his gallery.

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