Local podcast, Banana Phone tackles police brutality and promotes progressive dialogues

GABORONE – Over the last two weeks, Nigeria’s #ENDSARS movement has infiltrated regional and international consciousnesses, causing global outcry for action. ARTivism blog bananaemoji.com recently shared its 6th episode from the #BANANAPHONE podcast featuring famed Nigerian filmmaker Dafe Oboro and Moroccan Creative Director and Designer Anwar Bougroug. Titled ‘Celebrating our Cultures and Heritage’, the episode captured an essence of a fractious political climate where young Africans are reawakening to the crimes committed against them.

Banana Phone is a fortnightly podcast which pairs two leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors in dialogue around shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations. The podcast which celebrates African creatives acts as a 60 min conversation, or call, between two minds that listeners get a chance to eavesdrop on.

Said bananaemoji.com Curator and Creative Director, Tanlume Enyatseng, “At its core, #BANANAPHONE is a show that aims to work to redefine and explore what it means to be African today. What is happening in Nigeria is truly heartbreaking and almost feels inhumane to sit back and just watch from our phones. Africa is home and the plight of one Nation is really all of ours to stand up against. We must be intentional in our actions. We must stand in solidarity and join together, facilitate meaningful and action-reflective conversations, then amplify these vital conversations in and beyond our own spheres of influence. I am extremely honored to have had a great creative like Dafe on the show, as he shared his own experience protesting to end SARS.”

Banana Phone is a philosophical experience exploring subjects around mental health, oppressive cultures, racism and creative direction. The eight-episode season which premiered on the 10th of August 2020 and is scheduled to conclude November 24th, sees the diaspora’s finest creatives tackle various topics which include:

§  Writing to Purge Emotions

§  A Journey to Discovering Self

§  Dismantling the Culture of Shame

§  Exploring Modern Masculinity

§  On Psychedelics and Mental Health

§  Celebrating our Cultures and Heritage

The digital series represents a safe space to have the much-needed, honest discussions that will take our communities and movements to a more altruistic and progressive future. The list of creative professionals featured include but are not limited to, melodist Mpho Sebina, Malawian visual artist kyle malanda, activist and model Nature Inger and Zimbabwean Change Agent, Mike Mavura.

 “Since the outbreak of coronavirus, our communities and movements have been thrust online. At a time when consensus, collaboration and innovative thinking is needed more than ever, the dialogue around gender and racial inequalities remains scattered. If the events of the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that abiding by the status quo just won’t cut it any more. With the last three episodes of the season we’ll dig deeper into issues that come when representation, diversity and inclusion of all voices, at all levels is treated as a box-ticking exercise to serve CSR or misplaced charitable objectives. Further creating safe spaces for dialogues within the creative sector.” concluded Enyatseng

You can listen to the podcast on all popular streaming sites or follow @abananapodcast on Instagram for all updates.

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